d8000 pro
  1. jwbrent

    SOLD: Final Audio Silver OFC Cable Balanced For D8000/SONOROUS

    I purchased this 5’ cable for my D8000 in anticipation of needing it with a new balanced DAP. I ended up going a different direction, so I won’t need this new cable any longer. The retail for this 2.5mm TRRS Silver cable is $529 and it is a special order item that takes a few weeks to get from...
  2. final D8000 Pro Edition

    final D8000 Pro Edition

    2019 New model, D8000 Pro Edition from final, Japan. General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: D series Model Name: D8000 Pro Edition Price: USD4299 Purchase link: [Audio46] Specification Drivers: Planar Magnetic with AFDS technology Housing Material: Aluminium Magnesium...