1. M

    To DAP or to enhance iPhone output?

    Hey everyone! I think I may be on a journey to nowhere, but wanted to seek the advice of those in the know here. I have been an Apple user for as long as the iPhone has been around, and have had iPods before then, but as time as gone by, I have started to feel that the SQ from these devices...
  2. W

    New member here and looking for some advice

    Hello from Portugal ;) I just joined and I'm looking for some advice on some headphone amps. I mostly game on the PC, listen to some music as well and sometimes even watch a movie but my main focus is casual gaming. A lot of casual gaming (when I have the time that is...)!! While researching...
  3. cmdrmcgarrett

    Wanting a DAC/AMP.... no idea where to start

    My head is just spinning with all the different types and prices. Let me start with what I have currently Micca Origen+ DT770 80ohm HE400i Monoprice Retro Modern Using Windows 10 with Foobar I have a lot of FLACs, a few SACDs, lots of mp3 (yeah I know just cant find FLAC versions of some)...
  4. BigFatCaeZZar

    Hiss in Passenger's Young As The Morning Old As The Sea

    Sup. Have any of you noticed a background hiss in Passenger's Young As The Morning Old As The Sea? I can notice it in both FLAC and MP3. Im not sure if I got 2 distorted files, or if it is supposed to be there as a sound effect. Tell me what you think.