1. D

    Best classic non in ear canal earbuds

    Hello. I read some very detailed reviews here and I created this account because I want to hear from you which are the best classic non in ear canal headphones. I have Bose Soundsport Wireless but it hurts my left ear no matter the bud I use. I tried Jabra Elite Active 65t but they hurt like...
  2. Dan Fuentes

    f/s Loaded audeze LCD-2 Classic Headphone w/ Norne Draug-3 Balanced cable, Carbon Fiber Headband, New Dekoni Elite Pads LCD-2C

    Here is a very well taken care of pair of Audeze LCD-2 Classic headphones. Original 1st owner, about 2 years old, purchased direct from Audeze. Just replaced original pads with Dekoni Elite Sheepskin Pads (+80). Has Audeze Carbon Fiber headband (+200). Custom Norne Audio 4-Pin XLR Draug-3 5ft...
  3. dleblanc343

    [SOLD] MINT AKG K1000 Bass Heavy

    Hello ladies, gents and rare headphones collectors. I’ve something special for you! For sale today is something quite unique. A black box “bass heavy” AKG K1000 in fantastic condition. Frankly, I’m confident in saying it’s cleaner than any sold online in recent years. On top of that...
  4. Violent_Sneeze

    *SOLD* Audeze LCD 2 Classic

    Hey guys, up for sale is a SOLD Audeze LCD 2 Classic at a nice price. Works flawlessly and sounds REALLY good, have to sell to fund a move. Comes in original box with all original accessories (Single-ended black braided cable, Certificate of authenticity, USB Drive) Originally bought from a...
  5. Morales1320

    Denon AH-D2000 D2K w/ case *excellent condition

    Barely used and well taken care of includes hard case. Pictures coming soon... Accept Paypal Free shipping to US Edit: the headphones were in storage for a few years and while they were mint when I put them away, the pads have frailed over time. So the mint designation has been removed. Also...
  6. alphameridian0

    FS: Burson V6 Opamps Classic/Vivid

    Hello, I've got the following opamps for sale: - V6 Vivid Duals | 55 shipped - V6 Vivid Singles | 45 shipped - V6 Classic Duals | 55 shipped - Excellent condition, original packaging, comes with socket saver! - Bundle Pricing: Buy 2 get $15 off. Can do entire bundle for 130.
  7. alphameridian0

    XMAS SALE - Burson V6 Opamps Classic/Vivid

    CLEARANCE SALE SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I've got the following opamps for sale: - V6 Vivid Duals | 45 shipped - V6 Vivid Singles | 35 shipped - V6 Classic Duals | 45 shipped - Excellent condition, original packaging, comes with socket saver! - Bundle Pricing: Buy 2 get $10 off. Can do entire...
  8. alphameridian0

    FS: Gustard H10

    For sale is my Gustard H10. It's dynamic, clean, and powerful but I've moved on to the EC ZDS. Looking for $235 net to me w/ the option of adding burson v6 opamp upgrades for only +$85. Local pickup can be arranged in Orange County, CA 92602
  9. italiandoc1

    ZMF Classic (single-ended) with Dekoni Sheepskin pads

    Hey All, If you are unfamiliar, these are ZMFs take on the t50. They are in great cosmetic and functional condition, just don't get used enough. They are the single-ended version and come with Dekoni Sheepskin - these pads run about $70 new and are incredibly comfortable. Asking $220 with...
  10. sampsun


    Hey guys. Selling my LCD-2C. Great condition, no cosmetic damage anywhere. Audibly superb, sounds as good as new, never had a single issue with it. More Pics : The only physical issue at all I’m aware of is that the right adjustment yolk is a little... looser...
  11. S

    SOLD: ZMF Classic

    Selling my ZMF Classic. I love them, but I recently purchased an Audeze LCD-X and will have no need for the Classics anymore. These are used but are in very good shape. Pics: Willing to ship overseas but you have to cover all shipping fees past $15.
  12. Earl of Bouillon

    [WTS] / [WTT] ZMF Classics - T50rp mk3 mod

    Selling ZMF Classic in great condition. They come with Dekoni Ear Pads on them, original box, and cables. Price includes shipping.
  13. DocBox

    Koss PortaPro Classic Headphones

    I'm selling a set of Koss PortaPro Classic Headphones, w/ fake leather pouch. Item is in good condition. A very light pair of well-respected, budget on-ear headphones! Looking for £25 shipped to the UK, ono. Happy to ship to EU, though this will incur an additional fee. Any questions, please...
  14. A

    DAP Recommendation

    Hi guys, I am looking for a DAP (to be my first) I would like it to be pretty small to stack with Chord Mojo and easily portable with preferably long playback time. I will be using it with Audeze LCD2 Classic and also Campfire Audio Andromeda. I'm thinking about Hiby R3 Under $300 (£250)...
  15. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD FS Two sets of Burson Op Amps SOLD

    For sale are three sets of perfectly working Burson op amps. Selling individually or as a bundle. Item A Qty 1 V5-OPA-D Dual Item B Qty 2 V6 Classic Single Price and shipping as follows: Buy 1 item is $55 shipped 2 items are $100 shipped V6 Vivid s are sold. Will ship the next day...
  16. K

    Burson V6

    Hi Guys, I made step by step installation guide and review of Burson V6 OPAMPS on PowerColor Devil HDX sound card. Unfortunately, because I am new on the forum I can not publish it yet. Give me thumb up if you are interested of the review, please.
  17. Coolzo


  18. Zoom25

    Audeze LCD-2C (Classic) Reviews + Long-term listening impressions ONLY

    Hi, I wanted to create a thread where people can post their full reviews and listening impressions of LCD-2C based on long term listening (at the very least 2-3 weeks). If you want to post brief and initial impressions, please use the following thread...
  19. Jmop

    iPod Classic for Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -R

    Looking for a genuine iPod Classic that is compatible with the latest CLAS. I am specially interested in one that has not been modded, refurbished, or tampered with in any way. Condition must also be good and original firmware must be intact. Don't care about memory, 80GB is fine. I have read...
  20. taxifahrer

    [SOLD] Balanced Portable HiFi Gig, ALO Audio Rxmk3 + Cypher Labs Solo db Dac

    SOLD For sell is my gently used high end portable gig: 1. ALO Audio Rxmk3 Portable Headphone Amplifier 2. Cypher Labs Algo Rhythm Solo -dB DAC 3. ALO Audio Copper 22 - Balanaced to Balanced Cable 4. ALO Audio 30 Pin Dock to Mini USB Cable 5. Cypher Labs Gear Bag - Black Nylon with Shoulder...
  21. Sherwood

    Original Black Grado SR325 with pink drivers

    These are pretty rare, but since RuthieAndJohn is liquidating his collection of the other 4 SR325 models I thought it was a good moment to put them up for a dedicated collector. These are among the best grados ever made, and represent John Grado's first metal cups. They also share a driver...
  22. arteom

    Alessandro MS-Pro "i" Version SOLD

    This is my second set of MS-Pro's. This is the revised version over the originals, with a thicker cable. From what I've read this version is more desirable than the "e" version, which is the latest. I bought this set after regretting selling my first set, and yet here I am again. I'm selling as...
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