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DAP Recommendation

  1. amirraouf7
    Hi guys,

    I am looking for a DAP (to be my first) I would like it to be pretty small to stack with Chord Mojo and easily portable with preferably long playback time. I will be using it with Audeze LCD2 Classic and also Campfire Audio Andromeda.
    I'm thinking about Hiby R3

    Under $300 (£250)

    All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. surfgeorge
    The HiBy R3 is a very good choice for stacking with the Mojo, as it has almost exactly the same footprint and comes with a nice screen and touch-UI.
    This is what I am using. I'm now designing a 3D printed case for the stack.
    Just be aware that the sound quality and signature of the R3 is quite different to Mojo, in case you are thinking of using the DAP also standalone.
    Also, the Shanling L2 cable gives a cleaner sounds than the HiBy coax, which is also influenced by the volume setting on the R3.

    Another interesting alternative would be the AK 70, there is a nice leather case for a Mojo-AK70 stack.

    Cheers! 3205CA94-1119-4AB6-ABD6-5E23D3C34467.jpeg IMG_7834.JPG
  3. amirraouf7
    Thank you so very much, that was really helpful. I am really leaning towards the R3 but I've been searching to find one in The UK for the past 3 days and still no luck! I would be really interested in the case you are designing if I find one :wink:
  4. surfgeorge
    Glad it's of use!
    I am only aware of one retailer so far, that's Musicteck in the US, and heard that it started to show up on Amazon US as well.
    Regarding the case - the gray Mojo-case is already 3D printed, but it looks better in the photo than in real life.
    I'll do the version for Mojo + R3 in the coming weeks, and post on the R3 and Mojo thread.
  5. Grimbles
    Pioneer XDP30r worth a look/listen too. Awesome sound, balanced and SE and you'll get change from £250!
  6. amirraouf7
    Thank you so much I will definitely have a look

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