1. notaris

    Review: Cardas Ear Speakers EM5813 Model 1

    Review: Cardas Ear Speakers EM5813 Model 1 Top tier!   Introduction   It is quite possible that the name Cardas is not recognizable by people interested in earphones, and not without a reason. The Oregon based manufacturer is known for a number of high-end audio products, in particular...
  2. ryanjsoo

    JVC FX700 vs Cardas em5813

    From what i`ve heard they`re both high end dynamic iem`s with an emphasis on bass, can anyone compare them? I currently own the FX800`s and am a large dynamic fan, if anyone can comment on the Cardas in particular that would be appreciated, thanks for any responses.
  3. hentai

    Cardas EM5813 : too warm , overhyped?

    I had an opportunity to have a brief listen to these cardas iem and it sounded as though there was wet blanket covering it. The store owner did not like the cardas as well and discouraged me from buying it. Before that I wondered whether if the cardas iem would follow the house sound of its...
  4. Tassie Devil

    Cardas EM 5813 - great with Cowan S9, very good elsewhere

    These arrived the other day and I listened to a variety of music ex the Sooloos system (FLAC FILES) fed into a modded Benchmark DAC1.  The verdict was yes, better than the Jays and Etymotic E4s.  Very comfortable and quite sensitive. All types of classical music sounded fine & jazz/pop was...
  5. terance

    Hard case for Cardas EM5813

    Hey everyone,   I recently picked up a pair of those Cardas in ears and am loving them!   The only issue is the leather case that they come with.  I love the way it looks and operates, but it is way too small and doesn't provide much protection if you put the earphones in a bag.   Does...


    Cardas Ear Speaker EM5813 In-Ear Headphones Based on the Cardas "Golden Ratio" - The Most Significant Advance in In-Ear Headphones We Have Ever Heard After 4 years of research and development encompassing every part of the human hearing system and how it relates to Ear Speaker performance...