1. Birdman74

    Microphone Cables, What's Difference?

    Okay, Could anybody help me with these cables please.. From what I have read cables don't play a HUGE role in quality and even enamel coated regular cables are enough in most cases? anyway I have also see the Canare L-4E6S Quad is very popular and usually used by everyone here, how thick are...
  2. trailofdead

    Headphone cable electrical interference noise?

    I'm having an issue when I use a headphone extension interconnect where I get static/humming or squealing type of sound, even when nothing is playing. It only happens when I plug the interconnect (15 ft Canare Star Quad L-4E6S with neutriks 1/4 plugs) into my MM stack. I've tried different...
  3. wired00

    Creating replacement HD650 from CANARE L-4E6S STAR QUAD and Neutrik np3x

    Hi Guys   I just fiinished making a interconnect for my DAC to fiio e09k headphone amp. I used CAT5 which i pulled apart to 4 way braid for 3.5mm jack to RCA. It turned out well and sounds great. But now i'll try making a HD650 replacement cable   I'm considering canare L4e6s "bulk"...
  4. Birdman74

    CANARE L-4E6S STAR QUAD Anygood?

    I finally found some cable on ebay, its the CANARE L-4E6S STAR QUAD going for about $10 per 10feet -   Are they any good for recabling headphones? also do you know if I can get a better deal...
  5. Canare L4E6S Star Quad Microphone (Balanced Audio) Cable, XLR Male to XLR Female, 5 Feet

    Canare L4E6S Star Quad Microphone (Balanced Audio) Cable, XLR Male to XLR Female, 5 Feet

    Canare's XLR Lo-Z microphone cable benefits from the quality of their own L-4E6S+ which features the "Star-Quad" configuration and high-shield density to reduce hum and noise to less than 1/10 that of conventional 2-conductor mic cables. The Star Quad configuration is 4 inner conductors that...