1. zach915m

    HCSOB; HOT CUP SUMMER OF BURL // Starts today - 7/14/2023 // Schedule and Line-up inside!

    It's HOT CUP SUMMER time once again. And with my wood hoarding tendencies I have built up some slabs of burl that like the Olive wood we just ran, I've been waiting to use for a long long time. If you want to go straight to the cups go HERE...
  2. zach915m

    ZMFheadphones // Caldera Stabilized Resin First Run // Atrium Stabilized Resin 6.9.23 @ 9:30 AM CST // 14:30 UTC

    Hey Everyone - today we are releasing the first ever batch of LTD Stabilized and/or Resin Caldera's. These will be live at 9:30 AM CST // 14:30 UTC here: Here's some YouTube Content to see everything in the drop: All headphones...
  3. zach915m

    ZMF Caldera - Release Day Info - thread and repartee!

    Since the ZMF November thread has gotten long - I'm starting this new thread, centric to the Caldera release: RELEASE IS AT 9:30 AM CST / 10:30 AM EST / 15:30 PM GST / NOVEMBER 22nd CALDERA NATURAL OAK and COFFEE GOLD WILL BE AVAILABLE! LIMITED UNITS SHIP QUICKLY CALDERA KINGWOOD - AVAILABLE...
  4. zach915m

    ZMF November 2022 is here!!!

    ZMF November is finally here - we've been working like crazy at the shop as there is a lot going on. Earlier this week I outlined the first two releases for ZMF November on our YouTube Channel, with the release of the ZMF HD8xx+ Sub pads, which fit the HD800 type models, as well as the new...
  5. ZMFheadphones Caldera

    ZMFheadphones Caldera

    SPECIFICATIONS Impedance: 60 Ohms Driver: 80mm with CAMS Patent Pending technology Weight: 490 - 550 (weight varies depending on Chassis) Sensitivity: ~95dB/mW INCLUDES Oak Wood Caldera ZMF Stock Braided Cable and OFC Cable ZMF Caldera hybrid perforated pads and 1 secondary set (TBD) ZMF...
  6. ScornDefeat

    ZMF Caldera - New Planar Magnetic from ZMF!

    Just saw an announcement for a very exciting upcoming new headphone launch, from the beloved ZMF Headphones; the Caldera, ZMF's first original foray into a Planar Magnetic driven headphone! Very excited to find out more details for this November-slated release, particularly details on the...