1. KnyazHM

    Choose DAC

    Choose The new Dac. Now I use Spectral SDR-2000. Which of these to try? Berkeley Alpha Series 2, Weiss Medea, Mark Levinson 30.6 or 390S
  2. 188479

    Any new HDCD DAC's out there?

    Other then the very nice (and very expensive) Berkeley Alpha DAC, is there any other current DAC with HDCD decoding?  TIA.
  3. FER18

    wich one is better

    wich one do you recommend me to  buy of these:   sennheiser cx 300 II soundmagic pl 21 creative ep 630 crative ep 650 brainwavz alpha   or other
  4. USAudio

    DAC/Pre -> Headphone Amp ?

    Many DAC's also offer the ability to be a preamplifier. For example: Berkeley Alpha, Wyred4Sound DAC-2, etc.   Given a separate DAC/Pre and separate headphone amplifier; How would one control the volume of a dedicated headphone amplifier using the DAC's volume control?  As every dedicated...
  5. Berkeley Alpha DAC

    Berkeley Alpha DAC

    Berkeley Audio Design manufactures the Alpha DAC a state of the art 192 kHz, 24-bit stereo D to A converter and was founded by alumni of Pacific Microsonics, developer of HDCD and the Pacific Microsonics Model Two.