1. lockjaw

    How to replace the batteries in a Chord Hugo.... finally!!!!

    I have an old Hugo that completely died. When the batteries go, you can't use the device. Finding new ones has been almost impossible and the cost to have someone do it is ... crazy Here's the solution...
  2. Robbos

    Looking for good DAP that is reliable!

    Hello all, I've repeatedly fallen down the rabbit hole trying to find info on a decent DAP player in the $80-$150 range. There are a few models from Shanling, Fiio, and HIDIZ I've been looking at, but when I read further I find an alarming amount of comments about software issues/glitches. I...
  3. Tempotec Sonata iDSD Plus

    Tempotec Sonata iDSD Plus

  4. S

    Need suggestions for over-the-ear headphones

    I'm looking for headphones with some of this qualities: 1) Looks: I'd prefer headbands that are almost perfectly round like the ones in the photo below. Shallow ear pads would be nice, too, but not a must. 2) Wired. It can have bluetooth, but I need to use it with cable. 3) Active noise...
  5. S

    Fiio charging time

    Hi! So I got the Fiio Q1 MkII but I was wondering can I charge it when the battery isn't low or completely dead? I mean for example if I listen to music for 3 hours and there is still a lot of battery left can I charge it to make sure the next time I listen I have full battery and it won't run...
  6. TChalla

    Chord Mojo battery replacement - solved!

    After extensively researching this forum and speaking with the helpful folk at Chord Electronics for answers to the sub par battery performance from my Chord Mojo, I realised my improper charging of the original battery was at fault. I was quoted $340AUD (!!!) from my local dealer (Australia)...
  7. Obieworld

    UPS Battery and Power strip

    Hi guys, Need a gentle advice here, Living in Africa, it's useless to say that our electricity source is not the best in the world… a lot of flux distortions, blackouts, etc.… Therefore, I invested a time ago in power strip and cables, here is my quick power setup : Wall - Wireworld Aurora 7...
  8. Sony DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player Signature Series

    Sony DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player Signature Series

    Sony DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player Signature Series High Resolution Audio Take your digital music collection to another level with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing and reproducing digital audio at a higher rate than CD (24-bit/192 kHz and beyond), High-Resolution Audio allows you to get...
  9. AmirHwang

    Thoughts after Shure released RMCE-BT1, will detachable cable totally change Bluetooth market?

    Hello there, I am new to Head-Fi forum. English is not my native language therefore please excuse all of the language errors. Here I just want to share an idea about detachable cable. In this year, I have tried many products such as Airpods, Shure SE846, Bose QC30, Bose QC20 and JBL UA Sport...
  10. Z

    Looking for FiiO X1 1st Gen battery, used too

    Can't buy it on their website so maybe someone here has one or a broken FiiO with working battery? I wouldn't mind buying used, as long as it works for a couple of hours. Mine gave life after almost 2 years. I do like my X1, and don't really want to buy a new audio player: it is only battery...
  11. P

    Hi Everyone - Sansa Clip + Battery Advice

    Hi Everyone Great forum, just to say hello! Looking for some advice on what battery is a best direct replacement for my Sansa Clip + (8gb) Thanks Pete