1. loveableterror

    New Auvio Full-size review - "Auvio Elite Series"

    So, Once again I return with another brand new review of Auvio headphones. These are the Auvio Elite Series over-ear full size headphones. Normal precursor here: I work for Radioshack, they don't pay me a dime to do this, I just get awesome discounts on the products and like reviewing them for...
  2. AndroidVageta

    Armature drivers vs....armature drivers? I have a pair of Auvio Armature headphones and a pair of Altec Lansing UHP336. Both pairs utilize a single balanced armature driver per phone.   I now have ~$200 for a pair of new buds...but all the ones Im seeing listed or recommended in that price range also only come with one...
  3. Esymptote

    Gift for a friend [-$50 range]

    My friend really liked my JVC HAS-700s and begged me to find her a pair of decent headphones for her birthday. Of course, I could just get her a pair of the JVC's, but I was hoping you guys might like to throw out some recommendations. She does not want in-ear/earbuds, which is why I've...