1. td4abb

    Quick question... V-Moda Cross LP for $100 or Audio-Technica ATH-M50 fro $160?

    Looking to pick up a set of Around Ear for under $200.  I like cans to have a good bump in bass, but not overkill ("Dre's").  I am very interested in comfort this time around.  [If Bose AEs sounded good, they would be my choice].  What would be some opinions on this question:  V-Moda Cross LP...
  2. CFabian

    FT: Audio Technica W100

    Up for a possible trade is a pair of rare/elusive ATH-W100s. These are among the most "romantic" sounding out of any of AT's W-Series with a very lush and upfront midrange, not unlike a grown up ESW9. The wooden cups are in excellent shape with no scratches, the pads however are starting to...
  3. mock-up

    ¥ WANTED ATH: W11JPN, W10LTD, W11R, W10VTG

    I'm looking for a headphones. Any condition considered. Please PM with an offer.
  4. NoXter

    Audio-Technica W100

    I think about letting these go, because the W100 are lying around most of the time. I'm more addicted to Beyerdynamic.   When I got these headphones, the wingpads and the earpads were worn out. So I bought at Bluetin a new pair of wingpads an W11jpn replacement pads. These are much more...
  5. afrobat

    Putting Things Into Perspective: A Guide and Comparison for Newbies and the Budget-Minded

    This is a guide I feel is long overdue and really necessary, especially now with a huge influx of new head-fiers.   I have been thinking about writing a guide like this for some time, but didn’t feel like I had enough experience to write it until now. I am certainly still very uneducated...
  6. OakIris

    Will the ATH-W100 earpads fit the ATH-W1000 headphone?

    Thought I had read a post about this but now I can't find it. AudioCubes has the leather replacement pads for the W100 headphones for $45. I'd like to replace the "pleather" earpads on my W1000 headphones with these, but....will they fit? I just think the leather pads might breathe a bit...
  7. Tomcat

    Audio Technica ATH-W100 review, the second première

    Audio Technica ATH-W100 dynamic headphone HISTORY The W100 belongs to the W series of Audio Technica (A/T) headphones from Japan. All W series headphones are closed designs with wooden enclosures. A/T has started the W series in 1996 when the ATH-W10VTG was introduced, a now...
  8. Audio Technica W100

    Audio Technica W100

    Type: Closed - Dynamic Frequency range: 5 - 30k Hz Impedance: 48 ohm Maximum input: 2000mW Sensitivity: 100 dB Housing: cherry wood Weight: 320g Cable: 3.5m Released date: 1st Dec 1999 Status: discontinued MSRP: Yen 44,100