1. blazer78

    Audio Technica ATH-IM70: A Bold New Direction

    Look what arrived!   When Audio Technica announced their new IEM lineup a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited at their new direction. A IEM shell that had a similar design characteristic to the industry standard would almost definitely ensure a good fit for the majority of ears. My first real...
  2. Ardian

    Bassy Etymotic HF2

    Hello everyone! :) I need help. I habe the Ety Hf2 and is my best IEM, I love the derails and precision!! But I need somethin to complete these IEM, with more bass and sub-bass (lacking in Ety), but with the same details or quality? What can you reccomend me? Maybe Sony EX450, Pioneer Dje 1500...
  3. Wizzard

    Bassy IEM's with detachable cable for ~ £100

    Due to an extremely unfortunate fall, I managed to break one of the drivers on my Shure SE215's which have been very reliable for the past 2 or 3 years. While I can go out and get a replacement driver, it got me thinking that maybe it's worth upgrading to something slightly more serious. I...
  4. tordfuglstad

    ATH-IM70 vs Shure SE215 vs VSONIC GR07

      So I'm looking into buying myself a new pair of In-ear headphones. I do have a sweet taste for good sound quality and have been reading about these headsets. What I can not do though is deciding which ones to get. I had my eyes set out for the IM70's, but have come across different kind of...
  5. Whitigir

    Anything with reasonable price and as good as ATH-IM70 ?

    Hello there   Lately, I have become addicted to the sound of the ATH-IM70...especially with the Xperia Z3.  I don't use any External DAC, and listen to FLACC files.  Is there anything from the experts that sounds "organic" and more "details" than the IM70 ?    I hear the Xiaomi Piston is...
  6. speakers

    Are the pistons the king of the budget?

    I am after a cheap pair of earphones. These seem to fit the bill. I already have the e10s which are amazing. What do you think is the king of the budget
  7. Shub-Niggurath

    Could you explain balanced armature to me?

    In layman's terms as much as possible? :) I read the relevant section of the Wikipedia article on headphones and while I understand most of it, I don't really get the practical applications in terms of the actual listening experience or sound quality or whatever. Are they better/worse/it...
  8. synesthesiac

    Reverse engineering IEMs and design topics

    I recently demoed some really high-end IEMs (top of the line Ultimate Ears, Noble, and Aurisonics) and they raised a lot of questions in my head. Here are some of those questions:   1) What parts to they use? That is, do different manufacturers use the same drivers and whatnot? If so, I'd like...
  9. nicobombai

    Please help suggesting a headphone for a newbie like me :)

    Hi everyone,    I like to browse this website but only now i made an account, i want to get a new headphone and am currently having a Steelseries 9H (i bought mistakenly, wanting to sell them asap in my country). I love to listen electro, house, hiphop, rap, pop music and also love to play...
  10. Audio Technica Ath-im70 Dual Symphonic Drivers In-ear Headphones

    Audio Technica Ath-im70 Dual Symphonic Drivers In-ear Headphones

    The audio-technica ATH-IM70 Dual Driver Portable In-Ear Monitors portable headphones are equiped with two dual symphonic dedicated 8.8mm drivers allowing for tight high resolition low-frequency reproduction. The body casing is manufactured of hybrid hard resin and aluminum. The new design allows...