1. undersys

    Audio-GD Reference 5.32 vs NFB17.32

    Hi,   I am going to be buying a new DAC soon. I'd narrowed it down to the following two : * NFB17.32 * Reference 5.32    I am looking to spend 1k USD or less. I will be pairing it with the Master 9 and a set of LCD-3's.   An example of my music taste would be : Nine Inch Nails...
  2. IPodPJ

    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 DAC

    All new information and reviews for the latest Reference 7.1 DAC should probably be posted here instead of being mixed in with the other Reference threads.   People should be receiving theirs very soon if they haven't already.  Mine should be arriving tomorrow.
  3. Gilst

    Bel Canto DAC3 or Audio-GD Reference 7S?

    Hello. I've been lurking for quite a while, digging information about sub-$1000 DACs.   However, I have an opportunity to buy one of those (Bel Canto DAC3 or Audio-GD-Reference 7S) used, for around USD1200 give or take. Both of those are practically beyond my knowledge horizon. Bel...
  4. gpoutakidis

    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 PCM1704UK - Australia and New Zealand

    Hey Everyone,   At long last the Audio-gd Reference 7.1 DAC has landed and is in store for Audition.   Limited Stock 4 Only $2299.00     Cheers,   George   Tel  +613 9810 2999       Email: Web:
  5. esn89

    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 vs Violectric v800

    I'm in the market for a dedicated DAC and I've had the v800 in my mind (to complement my v200).  However, I have been reading rave reviews about the Audio-gd's Reference 7.1 as being the new flagship DAC.  I was wondering how it compares to the v800 in all aspects.  (I've searched high and low...
  6. milosz

    Audio-Gd Reference 10

    New DAC / preamp coming from Kingwa   REFERENCE 10     no price announced as yet   Lots of inputs   I'm curious to know how it will be priced, and how it will sound.  
  7. gpoutakidis

    Audio-gd Reference 10.2 - Balanced DAC and Headphone Amplifier - In Stock - Australia / New Zealand

    Hey Everyone,   just letting you know we have received the Audio-gd Reference 10.2 and it is available for audition in store.       Cheers   George Poutakidis   Tel  +613 9810 2999     Email: Web:
  8. MoonUnit

    Differences between Audio-gd "Reference 5.32" and "SA-1.32"?

    I was wondering if someone could help me understand the differences between the sound of the Audio-gd "Reference 5.32" and "SA-1.32" DACs. They're both the same price. (I realize that the former is balanced, with single-ended outputs, and the latter is just single-ended. I would be using either...
  9. darren700

    Audio-GD Reference 5.2 (New Balanced 4x PCM1704UK DAC)

    So aparently Audio-gd Is coming out with yet another new Balanced DAC. basically this looks like a NFB-17 on steroids with  4x  PCM1704UK instead of dual WM8741.   Considering how well regarded the Ref7.1 (8xPCM1704) and DAC19 (2XPCM1704) are i am willing to bet that this thing is gonna be...
  10. smoothlondoner

    Advice needed on a DAC upgrade

    Hi Folks. I'm looking to upgrade from my cyrus DACX+ which I use with a cyrus external power supply also. I have been considering Chinese  & Us alternatives to get more for my money. DAC@S Ive been looking at include  Schiit Gungnir Naim DAC (used) Lite DAC 83 Audio GD...
  11. Currawong

    Audiophilleo 1 and 2 USB to S/PDIF transport

    So we don't pollute other thread, I'm starting up a thread to discuss the Audiophilleo products here.   I recently bought the Audiophilleo 1 and, while it is almost double the cost of the 2, the gadget nut in me wanted to play with the various features. Regardless, I intended it as an "end...
  12. exX08

    Pics of Headphones... Rules: ONE PIC. NO WORDS!

    Rules: 1. One Pic 2. No words Let this be a viewing thread only... no reading.
  13. dukja

    Looking for 2nd DAC @ Audio-gd Ref-1/7 level

    I have been greatly blessed by my Ref-1 and appreciate it more the longer I own it. Even with RCA to my CSP2+, it sound just amazing and so nice.  But it makes more sense to use it with Phoenix with balanced ACSS.  So now I am looking for a DAC with similar SQ strength (highly accurate and...
  14. Pricklely Peete

    Audio-gd Reference 1 DAC (56 K warning)

    Just got this in the today from the DHL man......(along with a C-2C headphone amp, pics is Amp forum later) Sorry about the pic quality...... Peete.
  15. Audio-gd Reference One

    Audio-gd Reference One

    Reference One (24Bit/96KHz) * DSP-1 inside (Using 8 Pieces of PCM1704UK Chips Group and Current Transmission Technology Applied) *(ACSS/XRL/RCA output) * Truly balance DAC Spec: *RCA Output S/N Ratio:>118db Output Level:2.5V *XLR Output S/N Ratio:>121db Output Level: 5V *ACSS Output...