1. podeschi

    New cable for Sennhesier cans rocks - beats my Zu Audio Mobius

    I just ran across the most amazing cable upgrade for my Sennheiser HD650 cans.  I had moved from stock to cardas to Zu Audio Mobius.  In my two channel rig I have been standardizing all my power cords and interconnects on Audience.  I discovered their wire is used in the following:  Auric OHNO...
  2. project86

    Review: Effect Audio Thor cables for IEMs and full sized headphones (in both Silver and SPC form)

          Effect Audio started in 2009, making aftermarket cables for enthusiasts. They went international in 2011, selling their custom creations via eBay as well as their own website. By 2013 they are one of the more well known options and have amassed a collection of positive reviews around...
  3. project86

    Matrix X-Sabre DAC review and impression thread

    DSD is all the rage these days. Despite there not being a whole lot of music available in the format (SACDs aside), DAC makers are jumping on the feature as fast as they can. And I can't blame them - aside from our "regular" music, we all love a little ear candy to show off the capabilities of...
  4. Audience AURIC OHNO Sennheiser Cable

    Audience AURIC OHNO Sennheiser Cable

    AURIC OHNO wire employs a cross linked polyethylene dialectric. Cross linked polyethylene has dialectric properties very close to Teflon without its drawbacks, specifically stiffness and weight. The wire is cast using the proprietary OHNO casting process and is Cryo treated immediately...