1. boyssboyssg

    Ciem cable

    Which brand is great: plussound, DHC and whiplash? Another brand to recommend ? I am located in Singapore
  2. dungie

    Advice needed on ultimate transportable setup

    Hi everyone,   Suppose I have a backpack ready for hi-end audio. Suppose I'm not strong enough to carry things like RWA Isabellina HPA with me. For simplicity, let's limit setup with 4lbs. What components should I choose?   Source: is there anything better than battery-powered Apogee...
  3. Alo Audio SXC 24 IEM Cable for FitEar

    Alo Audio SXC 24 IEM Cable for FitEar

    SXC 24 IEM cable (FitEar) Our double twisted pair weave provides a much more flexible IEM cable with far less microphonics. The sonic character of ALO audio's SXC is a perfect partner for the FitEar ToGo 334. The sonic improvements are found in the high frequency extension and the musical...