Alo Audio SXC 24 IEM Cable for FitEar

General Information

SXC 24 IEM cable (FitEar)

Our double twisted pair weave provides a much more flexible IEM cable with far less microphonics. The sonic character of ALO audio's SXC is a perfect partner for the FitEar ToGo 334. The sonic improvements are found in the high frequency extension and the musical clarity of the reproduction.


24 gauge x 4 ALO high purity copper with silver plating, custom annealed copper
FEP Clear "teflon" jacket
Professional thermoplastic over molding IEM connectors
Memory wire with PVC tube for perfect over ear fit
All wire has been cryogenically treated
4.5' (137 cm)

Latest reviews

Pros: Good sound
Cons: comfort, not very practical, hugely microphonic
I got this cable second-hand on the FS section here. It was a somewhat spontaneous purchase since I saw it listed and decided to just give it a try. 
I rate it rather low here because it is very, very stiff and hard to manage. It stays tangled even though it wants to spring apart. I suppose this is because of the nature of the silver-over-copper wire, along with the teflon coating. It is not pliable or rubbery at all and therefore doesn't resist tangling despite its springiness. Also, it's highly microphonic. The stock TG!334 cable has been reported to be microphonic as well, but this is at least twice as severe, maybe more. Any bump on the cable transmits a large thump to the ears, so it's not very practical for up-and-about use. The Fitears are basically turned into a stationary use IEM with this cable. Another factor which exacerbates this is the omission of a chin slider, which would help counteract the cable's tendency to spring away from behind the ears. I purchased a cheap aftermarket clip on slider which is of great help.
The good part-- I won't get into debating the sonic benefits/non-benefits of cables on head/earphones, but I detect a noticeable broadening of the soundstage, and a bit of treble sparkle added to the sound. Perhaps the bass gets tauter too. Overall, it gives a bit of airiness and detail to the Fitear's sonic presentation. Quite a nice surprise. I normally harbor a bit of skepticism when it comes to how much ultimate difference a cable can make, and so had a pretty reserved if not doubting attitude about this cable. A while back I had a silver cable by another large designer/manufacturer for my customs, and I didn't hear much difference, so I was nicely surprised by these observations with the ALO SXC 24. 
Whether or not it's worth the retail asking price of approaching $300 is up to a user's expectations for a cable. I don't think I'd spring for full retail, but at the lower second-hand price I am glad I purchased it. The sonic improvements I hear just add to the already great TG!334s. 


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