1. Law87

    ALO RX original

    anyone got the spec on this? any reviews? Just wanna know if the original can drive planar, specifically the alpha dog.
  2. ambchang

    Choosing a new portable amp

    I have been enjoying the ALO Rx MKII for about 3 years, and it is finally dying on me.   While I sent an email to ALO asking them if the issue could be fixed (and how much), I am also looking at this as a chance to switch to another amp.   I have always enjoyed the cleanliness of the...

    Which is slimmest, long lasting & toughest portable amp for the ipod classic 7g.

    Need your help please.   I'm looking for a portable amp for my ipod 7g. I use it for listening to trance. Since I use iTunes they are 256 aac encoded. I will be using them with IEMs and portable headphones like (1R & HD25-1ii)   The amp should be the same size and thickness as the ipod...
  4. DrGonzo

    TTVJ Slim or ALO Rx MkII

    Seeking advice. I am looking at these two amps to pair with my Sony MDR-1R's. At first didn't think I would use amp with the MDR-1R's, but after auditioning the Slim it really opened up the sound and made the lows sound tighter and the highs more alive. I know where I can get my hands on the...
  5. ambchang

    ALO Audio Rx MKII - Where's the love?

    I have owned the ALO RX MKII for a while, and I still love them.  However, they seem to not have a huge following, and is routinely being skipped over in discussions about the best, or even better, portable amps.   They sound fantastic to my hears, with a hint of emphasis on the bass.  It...
  6. John0405

    Which amp with fostex hp p1

    Hello I own the um miracles paired with the fostex hp p1. I bought recently the rx mk2. I wasn't that satisfied with the fostex amp, which was a bit strident to my ear and lacking in punch. The rx mk2 is quite dark coupled with the fostex dac. Does anyone have a suggestion, something that...
  7. MrDowntempo

    Need advice for Headphone amp to pair with SE535s

    I've been reading a lot of amp comparisons and reviews here and elsewhere. I'm looking for an amp to pair with my Shure 535SE IEMs. A lot of the shoot offs group amps by budget under $100 or $200 or $300 and up. This makes it hard to find comaprisons of amps on opposite sides of the price...
  8. kenman345

    Searching for a High-End Portable amp for my customs

    So I have a small issue. I have seem to have caught the audio bug. It's where you keep wanting better and better gear for yourself to enjoy. That out of the way, I have come to want more out of my current portable amp (the Pico Slim).   I have Aurisonics AS-2's: Specs: * 8Hz - 25kHz...
  9. jacobgolden

    $350 for Portable DAC/AMP Nirvana...Is it Possible?

    I'm a musician and I'm on the hunt for a beautiful DAC/headphone amp that work equally well in the office and can be used in my home recording studio as well to feed my power amp/speakers. I need something that has the following features -   1. Both USB and SPIDIF inputs (so i can get a...
  10. Audiophile03

    iPod to USB Mini LOD?

    Does anyone know where to buy or if it is possible to make a short iPod to USB mini cable for an iPod/mobile headphones amp setup?
  11. bagram000

    Need some advice on a new Portable Amp

    Well I just got a new ciem (4.A from Heir Audio also will use it with my old TF10) so I decided to upgrade my amp as well. Currently I narrowed down to the Rx MkII from ALO Audio, Corda 2Stepdance, Pico Slim or Pico Portable. I'm open to other amp options but trying to keep the budget around...
  12. Rancid Badger

    Fostex or Solo

    Please let me start by apologising, it's my first post (post lurking post that is) & I don't doubt that this is a subject which has probably been done to death. Unfortunately the more posts I read on the subject, the more my head wants to explode!   I've decided to ditch my Sony NWZ-X as it...
  13. kristoficus

    [Amp Noob] Amp for AKG Q701 / Mobile Phone?

    Hi guys,   I realise I am probably out of place compared with the rest of you audiophiles, but please, bear with me here. I got an incredible deal on the AKG Quincy Jones Q701's and I instantly liked what I read in reviews about it's super clean, amazingly accurate sound.   I have...
  14. magiccabbage


    Was wondering what is the cream of the crop when it comes to portable headphone amps. I have sennheiser hd280 pro, hd 595 and hd 650. Usually dont take them outside the house but i just bought the cowon j3. I have read a lot about fiio e11 and e17. I also seen the electric avenue pa2v2 ranked at...
  15. davi3z

    Amps for PS1000&Denon D7000

    I owned a Denon D7000 and recently i bought a Grado PS1000. i only use ipod classic and a ALO rx mk 2 to listen to them.   through this amps, the Ps1000 is very good.(compared to all the other headphones i have listened to) the D7000 's bass is a little too heavy.   i want to upgrate...
  16. fishbone

    ALO Rx Mk2 + DT770/600Ohms ?

    Hi everyone,   I currently have an ALO Rx Mk2 as a portable HP amp, and I would like to buy a Beyerdynamic DT770 as a portable cans (commuting and work) and I have in fact 2 questions :   1/ Is the ALO Rx Mk2 strong enough to drive the 600Ohms version ? Or Should I get the 250Ohms one...
  17. Double-A

    There are portable headphone amps in the head-gear section that need reviews.

    ^^^ Someone who owns these amps should put up reviews for them in the portable amp section of Head Gear. 
  18. ALO audio Rx MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier - Black

    ALO audio Rx MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier - Black

    Making key improvements on a already strong amp design we added significant improvements on the ALO Rx amp. Larger higher capacity Dual Li-Ion batteries Illuminated on/off "smart" LED switch, indicating charging and battery status Heavy duty 3.5mm jacks Hi-Lo gain front mounted switch with...