aeon flow open
  1. S

    [SOLD] Aeon Flow Open, [W] 450€ or Aeolus/Atticus/Auteur+Paypal

    Selling my Aeon Flow Open in really good condition, just some wear at the bottom of one of the pads (see pictures) but doesn't affect performance at all. They were shipped with the Ether case and box. It comes with all tuning pads, the certificate and the stock cable ! They sound amazing and...
  2. leaky74

    WTB/WTT - Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Open

    Anyone looking to move a pair of these I on, preferably in the UK/EU?
  3. lramirez1959

    SOLD: Aeon Flow Open

    SOLD ! In Excellent condition With original box, case, cable and accessories Includes shipping to CONUS Paypal gift or add fee to price Ships week of Nov 18 No trades, thanks
  4. S

    SOLD! FS: MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open Price drop! 550 Shipped!

    Up for sale are a pair of MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open in good condition. Only flaw is a small scratch on left ear cup as seen in last picture. Purchased 10/17 and rarely used, comes with 4 pin xlr dummer cable as seen in picture. Comes with all original accessories and packaging. Were always used...
  5. KESM

    For Sale: Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open *Price Reduced*

    Mint condition. Aeon Flow OPEN **Reduced** $399.00 + shipping within the US. Stand not included.
  6. Phantaminum

    SOLD: Aeon Open Flow

    Looking to sell my Aeon Open Flows for $450 shipped. Reason it’s so low is the puppy got into the wire and tore off a chunk of the outside plastic of the XLR adapter. The headphones themselves are in perfect condition, the cable itself works perfectly fine, and it will probably look better with...
  7. zmhaha

    FS: SOLD

    All prices FIRM and all inclusive within CON US 48. PayPal confirmed address only. Extra shipping and additional 3% for international buyer. No package forwarding service and PO box. Mrspeakers Aeon flow open SOLD Mind condition. Comes with everything as new. Massdrop HE4xx SOLD excellent+...
  8. Rish732

    SOLD SOLD Aeon Flow Open - Ready to Sell now!

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Great condition Aeon Flow Open! With original box and case and cables. Just looking to clear out gear and appease my better half. They sound lovely though, a great addition for those who are looking to sample the Mr. Speaker's sound. No trades, please. Asking $550 shipped...
  9. ksorota

    Sold Aeon Flow Open + 2 Cables

    Selling a pair of MrSpeakers refurbished Aeon Flow opens originally purchased in July of 2018 along with two DUMMER cables (1 single ended, the other balanced). I have only had these a short time, but could not pass up a great deal on a pair of Ether Flows so these have to go. They are in like...
  10. boschtb

    Back after 10 Years - Aeon Flow Open DAC+Amp Recommendations

    I am getting back into headphones after 10 years away. My last rig was a modified Jolida JD100 + RSA Raptor + HD650 and ATH-W11JPN. This time around, I will be using my MacBook Pro as a source, with both lossless and compressed files, and I have settled on the AFO as my headphones. I...
  11. AdamWill

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open (4-pin XLR cable)

    For sale a pair of MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open headphones. Bought recently from the Headphone Bar here in Vancouver, used for a month. Includes the 4-pin XLR terminated version of the stock cable, and everything else from the box: the carrying case, the filters, certificate of authenticity, all...
  12. heliosphann

    MrSpeakers AEON FLOW OPEN

    Up for sale is a pair of MrSpeakers AEON FLOW OPEN planar magnetic headphones. I'm the second owner and these have been well taken care with low hours. I looked them over very closely and they appear to be almost factory brand new. Comes with: 5" braided cable terminated in 4-pin XLR XLR to...
  13. Hotep303

    WTB Mr Speakers AEON Flow [Open or Closed] EU/UK

    Hi, Looking for a pair of Aeon's Open or Sealed. I want to spend 500 Euro on this project. Thanxxx
  14. jam130

    [closed] WTB - Aeon Flow Open

    [CLOSED] I'm looking to buy Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open in mint condition. Thanks!
  15. Geezer Rock 001

    FS Mr Speakers Aeon Flo Opens

    Like New pair of Aeon Flo Opens. I bought them from another Head-Fier. In excellent condition and look and sound great. Comes with three sets of tuning pads, carrying case and shipping box. The cable is 4 feet long and connects with a 3.5 plug. Also comes with a set of Mr Speakers...
  16. juanix

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open

    Selling my recently purchased pair of AEON Flow Open with both 1/4 inch cable and 4-pin XLR cable. Purchased recently from another head-fier. He purchased them in December 2017 and used them for less than 25 hours. I have put less than 20 hours on them. Decided these just weren't for me. SOLD.