aeon flow closed
  1. H

    MrSpeakers Aeon and NI Komplete Audio 2

    I'm looking to get the Aeon headphones. I have hard time understanding the power requirements and if the NI KA2 can deliver the needed current. I tried calculating myself and it seems like everything should be fine on paper. Converted the stats to 13ohm, found the Vrms and that seems fine when...
  2. U2Edge

    ÆON Flow Closed (LIKE NEW / OPEN BOX - 4 hours use?) w/ stock + custom balanced cable

    I just bought a pair of open box Aeon Flow closed headphones by Mr. Speakers. When I bought them, I noticed the balanced cable had never been used... and even the stock cable looked like it hadn't been used (based on packaging and the ties). I bought it to see how it stacked up against the Aeon...
  3. Kevin Tam

    SOLD MrSpeakers AEON Flow Closed Headphones AFC

    Selling a pair of AEON Flow Closed headphones in great condition! Comes with original box, carrying case, certificate, stock cable with adapter and all tuning notches. The AEON Flow closed have a neutral yet delicate, detailed yet non-fatiguing sound. Instrument timbre is spot-on...
  4. Homrsimson

    WTS Aeon Flow Closed

    Very good condition, comes with everything pictured. Asking $435, pm with questions.
  5. CyberAthlete

    Headphones for Sale: Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Closed, Beyerdynamic T5P Gen 2, Sony XBA-N1

    All Prices in USD Prefer to ship within USA only as international shipping is super expensive. You can go to to calculate international shipping costs. My Tinnitus has gotten worse recently and therefore the passion and fun of music has been taken out a little. I am...
  6. haweckO

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed - with new pair of earpads and XLR cable

    Hi guys, I'm selling my used Aeon Flow Closed Headphones. I am second owner, I bought them from UK eBay (in auction). Complete with original packaging, cable, case and all 3 pairs of tuning filters. 100% technical condition. Smoke- and pet-free household. Reason for sale: I prefer Ether C...
  7. A

    Good DAP/DAC/AMP for Aeon Flow Closed (Planar Overear)

    Hi there, I have the Sony NWA45 (Volume cap removed) and the Aeon Flow Closed. They work "okay" together but the headphone doesnt sound as full/rich as if plugged into certain stereo systems (today I heard the difference, its sometimes nearly hearable, sometimes very clearly, it sounded a little...
  8. knivek

    *SOLD* WTS Aeon Flow Closed

    Original owner purchased last year from authorized dealer in Canada. Pictures to come later tonight. Smoke/perfume free home. Price does not include shipping to CONUS. Comes with: -Black Tuning pads -SE 1/4” (3.5mm) cable -Original Mrspeakers case -Original Box from sale
  9. K

    FS: MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed

    Purchased the MrSpeakers AFC from a german HiFi-Store on 19.03.2019. They are in mint condition and come with the balanced cable, case, box tuning pads as well as the certificate of autheniticity are of course included. Forgot to include the Balanced to 3.5mm Adapter which I made myself and of...
  10. Ricey20

    FS: MrSpeakers Aeon Closed

    I have an Aeon Closed I would like to sell. It's in good condition except a very tiny scratch on the right earcup. Comes with original packaging. I'm the original owner and I've had them a bit over 1.5 years. I will try to take pictures and upload them soon. Only trade I'm looking for is a...
  11. Jin Choi

    Aeon Flow Closed $500 SOLD

    Bought new Lightly used. Comes with tuning pads, case, and cable. Shipping 50/50 Located in Los Angeles for pick up. Asking $500
  12. ogodei

    SOLD Mr Speakers AEON Flow Closed

    SOLD my Mr Speakers AEON Flow Closed headphones, purchased new by me May 2017, re-tuned by Mr Speakers July 2017. 10 of 10 cosmetic, 10 of 10 technical. See images. Will ship in original hard case (10 of 10 condition) with the stock 1/4 , 1/8 convertible SE cable, packed in the original...
  13. vinekly

    SOLD Aeon Flow Closed

    These sound amazing but I also have the open versions and noise isolation isn’t a concern for me. In excellent condition with protection case, box, etc. Price includes PayPal and domestic shipping.
  14. SCBob

    Aeon Flow Closed SOLD - Price includes Shipping & PayPal fees - Price Reduced

    Aeon Flow Closed for sale. Headphones in mint condition. All accessories and original box and packing included. Travel case has two very small shallow indentations as seen in picture. Original owner, no smoking and no pets. Price includes shipping CONUS and PayPal fees.
  15. jamisonmp

    Mr. Speaker Aeon Flow Closed and Campfire Nova - CLOSED

    Here’s some winter cleaning stuff that’s been sitting on my shelf getting no use for awhile. I’m going through a wireless phase and don’t really use any of this stuff anymore. PICTURES SOLD Aeon Flow Closed - $600 Purchased in February from the classifieds. Awesome condition. Includes...
  16. T

    best headphones/iems $1000 and under?

    I am somewhat new to the audiophile world but I have some knowledge on high-end headphones. I don't have all the money in the world but I am willing to spend around $1000 and under for a new pair of cans to replace my dt990s. I am quite interested in the lcd2c's and from zmf, specifically...
  17. Jackpot77

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers AEON Flow Closed + additional balanced cable

    ** SOLD - please close ** Aeon Flow Closed in mint condition up for sale or trade (sale preferred). Comes with box and all original accessories, certificate of authenticity etc, plus one 4ft OIDIO custom cable terminated in 4-pin XLR for use with balanced desktop amp. Received in trade with...
  18. tompaz909

    (SOLD) Aeon Flow Closed

    For sale/trade is a set of Aeon Flow Closed in excellent condition with original 4pin xlr cable. Bought the tuning pads separately from MrSpeakers and will include with the sale. Excellent sounding headphones, just looking for something a bit more colored soundwise to make work more enjoyable...
  19. awayeah

    [CLOSED] MrSpeakers Aeon Flow - Closed + custom silver cable

    For sale MrSpeakers Aeon Flow - Closed in great condition. Only one owner, original packaging, full set. Bought this year from official distributer, proof of purchase, european warranty till 2020. In addition - custom made, pure silver cable with high-end futurtech 6,3 jack and original...
  20. Malcolm Riverside


    Great headphones for use at home or on the go! Fantastic sound and build quality for the price. Letting them go because I splashed for the Ether Flow C’s, but the Æons compare quite favorably especially given the large price point differential. Bought off Amazon a few months ago, they’ve only...
  21. Hotep303

    WTB Mr Speakers AEON Flow [Open or Closed] EU/UK

    Hi, Looking for a pair of Aeon's Open or Sealed. I want to spend 500 Euro on this project. Thanxxx
  22. TPSRA

    Sold: MrSpeaker Aeon

    MrSpeaker Aeon closed version for sale. First batch, used for around 3 months, perfect condition. Price exclude shipping and paypal fee.
  23. llamaluv

    [SOLD] Mr. Speakers AEON Flow Closed-Back

    Mr. Speakers AEON Flow Closed-Back Headphones Excellent condition. Second owner. All original packaging and materials (case, 3.5mm cable, 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter, certificate of authenticity, box). Original owner's for-sale post can be seen here. No extra fees: Will cover Paypal and UPS ground...
  24. mahesvara

    MrSpeakers Aeon Closed + Balanced Premium Cable

    For sale is my MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed, still in great condition, not a scratch on it because I only used it at work. I bought it 7/20/2017. Selling it because now I have the wonderful ZMF Eikon. The cable (seen in pictures) is a 5ft-long Ursine Audio balaned cable, premium braided sleeve...
  25. Todd

    MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed Headphone Loaner Program

    Hi All, We have a MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed headphone for a new loaner program. You will get to use it in your system for 1 week. Please read the loaner program rules (under the picture) before you email me to sign up so you get all of your info to me the first time. Loaner Program Rules...