Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player (Black)


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Large screen, durable, easy UI, warm sound and available in other colours.
Cons: No built-in speakers, short battery life, proprietary software needed for sync and no FLAC support.
It sounds pretty good with a nice warm analogue sound and is recessed in the highs making it very easy to listen to for a long time without fatigue. The large screen is great for the movie watcher, but I personally enjoy a large screen just the UI's face. A fully customizable background is a nice personalized touch and the UI is quite straight forward and minimalist. The buttons, although a bit flimsy after a while's use, are very straight forward for controls and make track changing and volume adjusting from the pocket quite easy.
Battery life is the huge killer for this device. It's listed as having enough power for 12 hours of music and 3.5 hours for, which turns into half that after a few years. A company could make the greatest device in the world, but if it can't stay powered for too long, then you can't enjoy it!
Proprietary software is rarely fun to deal with, whereas drag and drop is straight to the point and get me enjoying the product that much faster!
No FLAC support.
Sounds, looks and feels great for the price, but be wary of a terrible battery and no FLAC support. I'd recommend it for someone who drops/breaks their devices a lot or for someone who doesn't frequently listen to music on the go and wants something with a nice large colourful screen.
- Evan