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Innovative Isobaric Dynamic Driver Subwoofers: The Doscinco features cutting-edge 2DD subwoofers arranged in an isobaric configuration, revolutionizing the IEM market. This design not only increases the quantity of sub-bass frequencies but also enhances tactile quality by sharing pressure across the drivers.

Audiophile Tuning for Exceptional Sound: Engineered with a 10dB powerful bass shelf, the Doscinco provides robust and powerful sub-bass and lows. Its integrated midrange approach ensures a smooth transition from bass to mids, delivering rich and warm tones. The carefully tuned treble offers excellent micro-detail retrieval and crisp articulation, making it suitable for discerning audiophiles across genres.


Premium Sonion and Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers: Designed around the latest Sonion 26A05 and 2354 series balanced armature (BA) drivers and the Knowles 33518 super tweeter, the Doscinco employs a 3-way crossover with the 2DD sub-woofer system. This configuration results in an exciting and engaging sound signature, catering to diverse audiences and usage scenarios.

Exceptional Technical Performance: The Doscinco stands out with its exceptional technical performance, delivering a full and robust sound. Whether you're an audiophile or a casual listener, its versatility makes it suitable for various genres, ensuring an immersive audio experience for any audience.



PLUG TYPE: 3.5mm, 4.4mm

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100+ Head-Fier
ZiiGat Doscinco's Review - Fun and Rumbly
Pros: Good sub bass performance
Very minor BA timbre
Beautiful faceplate and good fit
High price performance ratio
Cons: Treble lacking extension (just nitpicking)

ZiiGat is a relatively new brand which is sold by Linsoul exclusively. The brand has released several IEMs, namely the Cinno and Nuo, which i have also tested and reviewed previously and found them to be really good for the asking price. I have the Doscinco with me today which has the following configuration: 2DD+3BA, in which the two DDs are arranged in isobaric configuration.
Build quality is very solid and features beautiful faceplate as well, metal nozzle, it is neither short nor long for my ear anatomy. Packaging is rather minimal i would say, the stock cable, eartips, faux leather storage case and the IEM itself.
In terms of comfort, the Doscinco does not have any sharp edges and I use them for several hours a day and I did not feel any discomfort throughout my listening session.
Prior to writing this review, Doscinco has been run in for roughly 20 hours, and in my opinion, the DD does benefit from the burn in.

Equipment and Software used
  • Aune S9C -> Earmen CH-AMP
  • Fiio K9 AKM
  • Aune Yuki
  • Macbook Air M2
  • Apple Music/Tidal/foobar2k
  • Tempotec V3
My review is solely based on what I hear via my equipment and I never consider my reviews to be objective in any way rather a subjective approach. Do take into consideration that everyone’s ear anatomy is not the same, so the psychoacoustics perception might be different as well, but i believe it will not stray too far

Sound Impression
Upon first listening impression, Doscinco sounds very balanced and smooth to my ears. I would say it's quite neutral with a boost on the sub bass region, treble has sufficient details but not offensive. Slight warmish tonality with fairly natural timbre, still a slight hint of BA timbre is there if you pay real hard attention to it.


  • Fairly good speed and doesn’t sound bloated or muddy when listening to busy tracks such as Slipknot’s People’s = crap!, Metallica’s Lux Aeterna, it handled the speed drumming and kick flawlessly, without sounding muddy nor bleeding into the mids
  • Sub bass has good extension and very rumbly when the track calls for it
  • The transition from sub to mid bass is very good, the mid bass doesn’t lack punch and the sub and mid bass complement each other very well
  • The bass has good texture and doesn’t sound “loose”
  • The mids are neither too forward nor recessed, just right to my ears,
  • Vocal positioning is just nice, just imagine the artist is probably 5-6 steps away from you
  • Male and female vocal has good texture to it and doesn’t sound thin, i would prefer the female vocal to have a little bit more bite, but given the overall smooth nature of Doscinco’s tuning, this is understandable
  • The bass doesn’t bleed into this range which is good
  • Pinna gain is rather safe and never shouty even when the volume is being cranked up
  • Treble is smooth and non offensive, but retains enough energy to not sound dark
  • Slightly lacking in terms of extension, depending on your personal preference, if you are someone who wants to hear every single detail in the track, Doscinco might not be the one for you, but its sibling will be the right choice for you
  • Amount of air and presence is average but this is understandable as it is the tuning that they strive for
  • Detail retrieval is good enough, but not for critical listeners
  • Soundstage is slightly out of your head with good width, depth and height perception is good
  • Separation is good for the asking price, i would say it is above average for the price point
  • Imaging is good as the instruments can be pinpointed easily even during busy track, certain complex orchestral track might not perform that well
  • Doscinco is not hard to drive but it does scale well with more power, in terms of dynamics and bass control
  • Most of the entry level/mid range dongles will do just fine but desktop setup will squeeze every bit out of the Doscinco
Comparison (Letshuoer’s Cadenza 4)
  • Slightly cleaner sounding compared to Doscinco, in terms of tonality
  • Treble is smooth but resolution and detail retrieval capability is slightly better than Doscinco
  • Soundstage is slightly narrower compared to Doscinco, imaging is more or less on par
  • Mids has good body and vocals are not too recessed nor forward in the mix, it is the star of the show for Cadenza 4
  • Upper mids are not perceived as shouty as well
  • Very natural timbre
  • Lesser bass quantity but good quality bass, and the focus of bass is more on the mid bass rather than sub bass, whereas Doscinco has a smooth transition between the sub and mid bass, hence both the sub and mid bass is very good, also, slightly more in terms of bass quantity
  • Overall, Cadenza 4 is tuned differently and targeted at different audience, both the Doscinco and Cadenza 4 are good sets, so at the end of the day, it depends on your preference


Final Thoughts
As ZiiGat is stepping up on their IEM game, their releases has been interesting so far, from Cinno, Nuo, to Doscinco which i have tested today, they’re very interesting in terms of sonic performance as well as the price point, the Doscinco reminds me of the Thieaudio’s Hype 4, in a way, they are quite similar except the treble on the Hype 4 has better extension and slightly more energy.
I would even go as far as saying the Doscinco is punching above its price point, at 269$, with the sonic performance as well as the build quality that it offers, i will not hesitate in recommending the Doscinco to anyone who likes this sort of sound signature that i have described in this review.

*A big thanks to Linsoul for sending this over for the purpose of this review. Thanks for the support and opportunity as always

Head over to their store if you are interested in getting a pair:

ZiiGat Doscinco- Non affiliated

Is it correct to assume that Doscinco gives a better impression of stage *height* than Cincotres? You nitpicked on stage height for Cincotres but not for Doscinco, which made me curious! Thanks for the review!
@Lexington99 hey there, yeap!
I believe it is due to the tuning nature of the Doscinco, it gave me the perception of a slightly bigger "stage" compared to Cincotres.


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