ZAPfilter 2

General Information

Complete high end analog stage for CD- and DVD players. Applicable in any model and make. This module takes over all functions from the DAC chip to the output plugs, both RCA and true balanced XLR outputs. The analog signal processing is truly state of the art with a non feedback single end class A operation and filter caps in MICA / silver quality.

Active components feature low noise Japanese audio transistors in Class A mode, and vertical bipolar types from Zetex, UK, with ultra high linear performance. The signal path is a straight line on the circuit board, whilst the components are placed in alignment with the signal track to minimize standing waves in the copper wires.

The sound is highly detailed, relaxed and with a sense of musical spirit completely new to digital audio
The input of the ZAPfilter will interface with any type of DAC chip, both voltage and current out put types, so you should not worry whether it will work in your particular model of player. The ZAPfilter 2 is not attached to the CD or DVD player, but only to the DAC chip, and so its connections are independent of the player model, and only specific to the DAC chip. A complete mains power supply is also provided in the kit for installation in the CD player's case. The supply utilize a high quality toroidal transformer and Schottky diode rectification.

You can have both unbalanced and balanced output on any CD or DVD player, even if it does not have a balanced output from factory. And it is true studio quality balanced output with no phase splitters involved.


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