Yamaha YP-D8 - Reviews
Pros: Weight, Build quality, Looks, Sound.
Cons: Can not think of any.
I have had this turntable for a year now, and i am very happy with it.  I use a Denon 103R MC picup, and it works very well with the Yamaha YP-D8 arm.
This is a heavy turntable, with its 15 kg weight. The platter is 2,7 kg, and built in aluminium. The wood on the body of the turntable, looks very nice,
and you can see that this was a Hi End player in the late seventies.
The arm is of good quality, with hight adjustment, and with very low friction bearings.
The feet is hight adj. and with shock absorbant springs.
In front of the platter, there is a stroboscope window, with red light.
At the end of the recordplaying, the arm rises from the platter, and it stopps. This is done by photoelectric sensor, and has no mecanical conection with the arm.
Only the arm lift.
The sound quality from this player is worth listening to, even for Hi-End nerds. I use an IFI phono pre, with the Denon 103R MC picup, and it plays sweet and airy
crystal highs, voises are natural and chesty, drumms have great punch and power, and the bass, is accurate with depth without being boomy.
One thing i noticed with this player VS my earlier ones, is that it has very little staticelectrisity build up, and that is nice to.
This player has good specs, worth looking at.
I like it a lot.
You did very well imo. picking up a vintage Japan made TT. I went through allot of TT's and these are the best. Nothing else in audio built quite like them except for modern day Japan made TT's that cost an arm and a leg.
That is a BEAUT!!!  
I wish my Rega looked that nice!  Guess I need to ad another option to the upgrade list.  damned audio upgraditis.