General Information

MH800 DSP includes:

Speakers: 2-way speaker with Peerless driver
Amplifier: 2x40Watt Class-D amplifier
DSP Software: Dirac HD Sound (TM) Speaker Optimization Software

An Entirely New HiFi Concept!
Advanced digital algorithms enable us to optimize a sound system in an entirely new way. The patented technology Dirac HD Sound(TM) from Dirac Research enables a totally new construction methodology. Conventional analog techniques have been replaced by digital signal processing that does not suffer from the traditional analog compromises and limitations. Our innovative unique concept guarantees that this small package with speakers, amplifier and Dirac software will outperform any product you have heard in a similar price range. This small speaker system operates from 40 Hz to 20kHz within +/- 1dB . There is nothing currently on the market in the same price range that can outperform it

The speaker is a two way construction, equipped with advanced design drivers from Danish/American Tymphany. The 3 inch aluminum driver, from the Peerless series provides unique performance that serves as the foundation of the construction. The 5.25 inch is a long-throw highly efficient down firing driver, vented through a slit port on the front of the speaker. The cabinet is a painted contemporary MDF design.

The amplifier is enclosed in an aluminum cabinet. Using the latest "green" class technology the amplifier box has been made very small, but still offers a full 2x40 watts of output power. Class D technology is extremely efficient, >85%, and with unmatched price/performance and environmental friendliness. The amplifier has a volume control and several outputs, including for headphones and a subwoofer. DSP correction is only enabled when the speakers are connected to a computer running the Dirac software.

The Dirac Sound Processor software is specifically designed to run Dirac technology in real-time from a Windows or Mac computer, and does not require any
additional hardware. The Dirac Sound Processor works just like a sound card and is therefore not limited to any particular media player software or application. Use it as your primary sound card and obtain a hassle-free sound experience!


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