Westone W20 Dual Driver Universal Fit Noise Isolating Earphones, 78502

General Information

The Westone W20 in-ear headphones feature the world’s smallest dual-driver earphone with dedicated low-frequency driver. A true dual-driver earphone designed to expand your audio horizons, the W20 uses separate bass and high frequency balanced armature drivers to enhance your listening experience with incredible detail and dynamics. Westone's 50+ years of experience with in-ear applications has yielded a low-profile, lightweight, universal earpiece which delivers maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound. A new replaceable cable connection includes the braided EPIC cable and round MFi cable with 3-button Apple Control System and mic function, including volume +/- , tracking +/- , phone answer, and Siri activation. Westone's balanced armature drivers are significantly more compact and efficient than traditional dynamic drivers. By combining multiple balanced armature drivers with sophisticated crossover networks, Westone earphones provide enhanced sonic detail and a frequency range that extends well beyond typical in-ear solutions. Exchangeable black, blue and red color faceplates are included with secure attachment. Each set of W20 in-ear headphones comes with an EPIC Replaceable cable and MFi G2 cable, premium comfort tips, mini-monitor vault, cleaning tool, and 2-year warranty. The Mini Monitor Vault is constructed of a high-impact polymer and is the perfect size for travel and storage. It features a protective foam interior and weather resistant design. The Westone W20s are ideal for alternative rock, opera, Broadway, jazz, country/light swing, electronica, R&B, funk, rock, club/dance, and hip hop music, delivering dual driver performance to even the smallest ears.

Latest reviews


Pros: Accurate, Excellent Build Quality, Low Distortion, Discreet
Cons: Wires are expensive to replace, a little bright (if a proper seal is not made).
I'm first going to preface this with, this is my first review and so I'd like to apologize for anything I leave out or if I do a poor job.
Initial Impression:
At first glance, these appear to be nothing special. They look like cheap plastic earbuds that just so happen to wrap around your ear. If you're looking for bling factor with your audio gear, this lineup is not for you.
Build Quality:
As far as I know, they are hand-made in Colorado, made from cold-poured acrylic. This provides a very strong body, ready for daily use and the wear-and-tear that brings. Since it is not a plastic shell that was fused together and rather a single acrylic body, it is quite water resistant too (I accidentally dropped mine in the sink with water running and there were, luckily, no consequences). The wires have held up quite well so far and overall, I've been very satisfied with how they've held together.
Sound Quality:
These are incredibly precise. A combination of low distortion and a wide dynamic range allows these to seamlessly transition between stage monitors and personal listening devices. Once a proper seal is made (from the variety of tips provided), it has a surprisingly full sound. The lows are very rich, even punchy at times, though they are never overpowering. The mids are very detailed and full and vocals are very forward. The highs are very precise and, surprisingly, don't hurt your ears, even after long-term listening.
Sound Signature:
These IEMs are very neutral, and to those who are used to a more bass-heavy environment, such as Bose, Beats, etc., they will come across as bright.
These are really quite comfortable, especially when compared to their Shure competitor. The W20s are incredibly small and they come with 10 different sets of tips (5 foam, 5 silicone) which allows them to comfortably fit in almost any set of ears.
Over the past year and a bit, I must have put at least 2000+ hours, and I've compared these with the Westone UMPro2, Shure se425, among others, and these came out on top with regards to sound quality, comfort, and build quality.


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