Vsonic New VSD5S High Efficiency Composite Diaphragm CCAW Moving Coil Drive Unit Earphones(2016 new packaging)

General Information

Specification Driver unit: high efficiency composite diaphragm ccaw moving coil drive unit Rated impedance: 45Ω ± 15% (at1000Hz) Sensitivity: 105db / mw (at500Hz, 1mW 20 μpa) Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 28000Hz Distortion: ≤1% (at 1 / 3oct 94dB 20 μpa) Channel difference: ≤20db (at 1 / 3oct 94dB 20 μpa) Power Rating: 10mW Maximum power: 50mW Plug specifications: 3.5mn two-channel plug Cable length: 1.3M nontoxic oxygen-free copper wire TPC ± 3% Accessories: 1* New VSD5s in-ear earphone 1 pairs of sponge earmuffs 4 pairs of silicone earmuffs 1 pair of earhook 1 Headset package 1 Warranty card

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Well balanced sound with a strong bass; Detail and accuracy; Less sibilant that other Vsonic models; Good cable; Comfortable design and good isolation; Price
Cons: Short nozzle; Price is close to the GR07; Average build quality; Small carrying case; Included eartips

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  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Impedance: 45 Ohm
  • Frequency: 10Hz- 28KHz
  • Rated power: 10mW
  • Maximum input power: 50mW
  • Cable: 1.3m

Price: SGD 107 (~U$D 77) from Lend me ur ears (LMUE)

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  • 3 pairs of silicone tips
  • 1 pair of foam tips
  • 1 pair of ear guides
  • 1 carrying case


The new VSD5S version is identical to the last (new) VSD3S version in every single part, from shell material to plug. The shells are all plastic, made of two pieces attached together, with a strict over-ear wearing form factor. The color is now a semi-transparent which allows to see the inner driver and cabling inside. It has a polygonal outer shape with a well-rounded inner part. The only thing that was added in this VSD5S is the very short extra cable relief at the exit of the housings, which basically consists of a simple plastic tube; nothing special but seems to work at least. Cable is the same one as the VSD3, which seems to be the one that was introduced back then with the previous GR07 Mk2 model, and now used on the new GR07 2017 options as well. It appears to be of good quality, thick enough, low in microphonics and easy to wrap around the ear.

The over-ear fit works well, and despite the particular shape on the outside part of the shell, the inner part is smooth and sits well on the ear area. The nozzle is a bit short and narrower than the standard IEMs, so not every eartip may work on the VSD5S. Sony hybrid, RHA and Spinfit C100 fit well, and there’s always a Comply foam model meant for the Vsonic. No driver flex was noticed, and isolation level is pretty good for daily use.

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When the first Vsd3 versions were announced, Vsonic claimed the two 3 and 3S models were tuned with the Westone W4 sound signature in mind. While I couldn’t confirm the characteristics on those original versions, I did listened and reviewed the New Vsd3s version, and found it to be tuned more like the W30 which wasn’t a bad thing. Likewise, the VSD5 were promoted as following the Sony masterpiece, the MDR-EX1000 in-ear monitor – a high claim for any product that sits at the sub $100 bracket. The New VSD5S is still described as that, and while I yet have to try that Sony flagship, I must say the VSD5S doesn’t seem to reflect the reported impressions on the EX1000 with the so wide and open kind of sound. Not that anyone would really believe that it’s possible to have the same high quality of an IEM of such caliber, but even next to the original GR07 and its various iterations (and having the last MMCX version in hand for comparisons), the Vsonic flagship, the GR07, seems to match more the description of how the Sony EX1000 may sound.

On to the New VSD5S sound itself, it still follows the Vsonic’s house sound quality, signature and strengths. However, after having the chance to try the whole VSD line (VSD1S, new VSD2S, new VSD3S) and the GR07 last iteration (2017 version in the MMCX take), the 5S seems to take a slightly yet noticeable different path in terms of overall sound signature. This VSD5S version has probably the most mid-forward tuning among the whole Vsonic line but still keeps a strong balance from lows to highs. The sound is quite full, thick and immersive with a strong sense of musicality that differs from the stage-monitor like GR07, and also much less v-shaped and lively than the VSD2S and 3S. In a way it could be described as a total upgrade over the 1S model, having a strong priority for vocals oriented genres boosting a better separation and much wider stage and open overall sound.

The bass is powerful and never missing, and probably the fullest low-end response among all the current Vsonic options. It is thick in texture but very well layered with good extension through the sub-bass region, and while not as tight as the GR07 Bass, it shows better control than the VSD3S. The quality is typical from Vsonic, with a natural decay, good speed and great dynamics. It may have an extra focus at the mid and upper bass part but doesn’t bleed into the mids, thanks to the smooth transition and more mid-forward signature.

The midrange is somehow opposite to the VSD3S that followed a more v or u-shaped sound, whereas the VSD5S is more mids focused, gaining better body for lower to upper instruments as well as a very sweet vocal presentation that is reminiscent to the nice sounding first VSD1S but in a more beautiful way. Male voices sound very full and female are very clear thanks to the slight extra boost at the lower treble.

As for the treble, it could be considered the smoothest of all the Vsonic IEMs. The extra brightness and energy are still present when compared to other companies IEMs, but for a Vsonic it is more laid back. As such, sibilance is kept to minimal, and while the highs are not as resolving or extended as on the GR07, they’re more relaxed and easier to listen than the VSD3. On the other hand, the thicker signature of the 5S gives the impression of a less airy sound and while micro details are not missing, the more laid back nature makes them less obvious and ask for some extra effort from the listener side.
The presentation is still wide, very well balanced and definitely enjoyable. It pairs very well with any source, but for the most immersive experience, the Lotoo PAW5000 and Fiio X5 were the best match for the new VSD5S.

Sources used (DAP/AMPs): Sandisk Clip Sport; Xduoo X3; PAW Pico & 5000; Aune M1s; Topping NX5.


The new VSD5s offers a different flavor when compared to the rest of the VSD line or any of the Vsonic previous IEMs. The design follows the same one used on the 2 and 3 models, which is nice and comfortable, but also keeps the same build quality that may not match its more expensive current price. On the other hand, the sound signature noticeable differs from any Vsonic earphone, and while it cannot match the GR07 higher quality and more reference type of sound, it does bring a more refined and accurate sound. I can’t see this VSD5 matching the EX1000 tuning, but it’s a worth product by itself among the sub $100 range.


  • Well balanced sound with a strong bass
  • Detail and accuracy
  • Less sibilant that other Vsonic models
  • Good cable
  • Comfortable design and good isolation
  • Price


  • Short nozzle
  • Price is close to the GR07
  • Average build quality
  • Small carrying case
  • Included eartips


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