Vivid Technologies V1 portable amp/DAC

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Vivid Technologies V1 portable amp with built in USB DAC function

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Pros: Great sounding amp section -very forward and aggressive, DAC sounds fairly nice too, small size, price
Cons: none at this price point
That's my in depth review. In summary:
The Vivid V1 is a deceptively powerful little amp. It performs pretty well with almost any headphones, including full sized and IEMs. It has a somewhat unique forward and fairly aggressive sound signature, which is surprisingly pleasing. It pairs especially well with the Sennheiser HD600. The battery lasts a long time, and the USB DAC function is handy; it isn't exactly a top notch DAC but is almost certainly better than the one in your laptop.
Several people besides me have made positive comments about this amp, and for the price I think it is great entry level product.


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