Visual Land V-Touch 4 GB MP3/MP4/Camera 2.8-Inch Touchscreen/Mini SD Portable Media Player (Black)

General Information

Movies, music, pictures, text files and more all at the touch of a finger! The V-Touch Portable Media Player is the latest in touch screen media players. The responsive touch screen controls make navigating through your audio and video files a breeze. All other functions such as the FM Radio and Picture Viewer are equally enriched by the ease of use of a simple stylus or your finger.When you're not enjoying the fun of the touch screen, you can admire the crystal clear screen playing back AVI, MP4 and 3GP videos at 320x240 resolution on a beautiful 2.8-Inch color screen. Or listen to your MP3 and WMA audio files through high clarity earphone output. Or for those who choose not to use headphones, the V-Touch has a built-in, stereo speaker.The V-Touch also features a built-in 2.0 megapixel digital camera which records both stills and videos. It also works as a webcam when connected to a computer through the USB port.Additional features include a voice recorder, FM Radio (with presets and internal recording), picture viewer, calendar and text reader functions. It also works as a USB Flash Drive to store all your important files. The large, internal flash memory should be sufficient to store a large library of files, but should you with to expand your storage space, the V-Touch also has a MiniSD Card Slot for even more memory. The unit utilizes the drag and drop feature making it quick and easy to load up your files.


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