VentureCraft MM5 Case for iPhone 5

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  1. DrSheep
    "Great alternative to V-MODA Metallo case for VERZA"
    Pros - Perfect fit, magnetic closure, easy install
    Cons - No Torx 6 driver bundled, coating and finish needs work
    Simple sealed ziplock packaging.
    Content: card, instruction, tweezer, bag, case, and protective stickers (2 sets).
    Case open to about 100 degrees.  The magnetic closure is pretty strong.
    Simple instructions for the stickers.
    Stickers applied.
    Since the iPod Touch 5th Gen is thinner than the iPhone 5, there is a large gap inside and need further backing support.
    My extra pack of VentureCraft Gorilla Grip (not included, $11)
    I cut one piece into four and applied to the four corners.
    You will need a Torx 6 size driver for the screws, and the screws are not tight at all and come out and screwed back in easy.  This case was originally designed for VC's DAC/AMP, but it does fit the back side of the V-MODA VERZA perfect.  Note that V-MODA offers their own Metallo case, but it screws to the front with a Torx 8 (not 6) driver, so in theory you can have BOTH installed at the same time!
    No more gaps and very secure backing.
    Rock on!
    The MM5 case is perfect if you have both VC or V-MODA DAC/AMP and the Apple iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5th Gen.  My only two complaint is 1, no T6 drive included as the tweezer is nice but pretty worthless; 2, I have two surface ding already so the finish is not that strong.  The color will better match the black versions of DAC/AMP.