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iDevice and USB portable DAC/Amp Pre-Amp: Raytheon 6111SQ subminiature tube Battery: 3500 mAh...

VentureCraft Go-Dap TT

  • iDevice and USB portable DAC/Amp

    Pre-Amp: Raytheon 6111SQ subminiature tube
    Battery: 3500 mAh (Capable of charging iDevice)
    Output: 3.5 mm headphone/ 3.5 mm optical out

Recent Reviews

  1. mtthefirst
    VentureCraft Go-Dap TT - Portable iDevices/USB DAC/Tube Amp combo
    Written by mtthefirst
    Published Jul 1, 2013
    Pros - Supports iDevices and PC (including some Androids) DAC/Amp, tube type amplifier.
    Cons - Headphone output impedance 10Ω might alter FR of your low impedance phone, can’t use as a standalone DAC or Amp.

    Go-Dap TT is the newest portable iDevice and USB DAC/Amp combo from VentureCraft. It’s the first time that they incorporated tube amp (pre-amp) for their product lineup.

    Raytheon 6111 subminiature tube is used as a pre-amp stage while New Japan Radio NJM8080 is used for power amp stage. The tube is solder to an intermediate PCB before plug into the socket in the main PCB. Thus, create an opportunity for switching to different types of tube.

    Above is the picture of two different tubes that can be used with Go-Dap TT. The left one is Raytheon 6111 and the right one is dual Raytheon 5703.

    Go-Dap TT equipped with 2 separated DAC circuits, one for iDevice and another for PC. AKM AK4353 is used for iDevice DAC with 48kHz at 16bit output signal. TI PCM2902C is used for USB side that will output 32/44.1/48kHz at 16bit signal. The DAC section of Go-Dap TT is pretty much the same as Go-Dap X. Output impedance for headphone is 10Ω. Comparing to Go-Dap X, Go-Dap TT is about 8 mm thicker and 50 g heavier. Thicker outline is necessary for the tube.
    Other Features

    3.5 mm headphone output also act as a optical output for transmitting digital signal from iDevice to external DAC. The sampling rate is fixed at 48kHz. Go-Dap TT also come with the capability of charging your iDevice while listen to the music. With 3500 mAh battery, it can fully charge your iphone and still have more than half battery left for playing your music.
    Sound Signature

    Go-Dap TT sound signature tend to be warm compare to other solid stage amp. This is actually typical characteristic for tube amp. Bass is not as tight as I expected but give decent details and smoothness. Mids are clear and quite details. Trebles are smooth without noticeable sibilance. I also notice some roll off for treble but it’s expected on almost all of the tube amp.

    Comparing to my customized Go-Dap X with LME49860 and 10Ω output impedance, the TT is definitely sound warmer and fuller. Details from both X and TT are almost the same. TT is slightly behind in term of clarity. Soundstage of TT is a bit narrower and closer than X. Background noise on TT is excellent.

    I primarily use the TT with my Fitear MH335DW which known for warm and bassy. Anakchan who done a review on Go-Dap X also mention that 10Ω output impedance tame the bass of his MH335DW and I also feel the same as him. 10Ω output impedance is almost perfect for my taste.  

    Bass boost function is well implemented but some of the boost affected the lower mid as well.  
    Go-Dap TT is a solid DAC/Amp for iDevices and also for PC too. With an option to charge your iDevices, it’s a great deal for people that regularly listen with your iDevice. If you preferred the sound signature of tube amp, you will probably like TT. Switching between different tubes are also fun to play with. It’s a solid step up, if you want to move away from listen straight out of the iDevices.

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    2. mtthefirst
      Around 800 USD
      mtthefirst, Jul 1, 2013
    3. mab1376
      What the max output power into 32 ohms?
      If its around 500ma or greater then this is the top tier on my list now.
      mab1376, Jul 3, 2013
    4. mtthefirst
      It's only 130 mW per channel
      mtthefirst, Jul 3, 2013


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