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Venture Electronics Asura 3.0 and other nice devices
Hello everyone.
Today I got a large interesting set of headphones and devices for them for review, thanks to the Veclan Store from Aliexpress and the Soundcheck 39 YouTube channel.
I will try to attach all links at the end.
Everything ingenious is simple)
Simple chopped forms, and what else is needed for a device that can be placed next to a PC or laptop.
Of course, there is not enough volume control and gain, although it is not designed for tight headphones.
The sound pleased with its lukewarm and at the same time detailed sound, without any accents.
A handy feature if you still want to listen in tandem with the phone, but there is an additional type C connector for recharging the phone itself.
Also, the presence of 3 connectors at once: 3.5, 4.4 and 2.5, as well as a linear output
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-08 (2).jpg
Avani and Abigail are made in the same style, one is more neutral and even boring, the other is cheerful with a little bass pumping.
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-08 (7).jpg
Master 4.4 inserts. Metal cases, elongated as we are accustomed to, cable
The sound is generally neutral, with a slight emphasis on the highs, heard on the instrument to the music.
In general, excellent resolution, no turbidity, biting bass, transparent mids.
Maybe a little lacking midbass, for my taste. More suitable for instrumental music.
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-07 (2).jpg
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-07 (6).jpg
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-06 (6).jpg
Asura has excellent comfortable metal cases, an expensive cable specially prepared for these headphones. These headphones all this and declare that they are the flagship of the company.
They seemed a little vashka, although they are generally neutral, they sound detailed, with good resolution and attacks. It must be taken into account that they are fully revealed with a fairly powerful source.
I would call them universal, suitable for music of different genres.
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-06 (2).jpg
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-07 (5).jpg
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-05 (3).jpg
Intrachannel with basshead feed.
Very light kegs, quite simple both in sound and appearance.
When dressing, there is a crunch of the driver membrane.
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-08 (5).jpg
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-06 (5).jpg
Monk SM excellent metal cases like Asura
The sound is quite specific, but with good resolution.
There is a lack of low frequencies and a slight emphasis on highs.
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-06 (4).jpg
Monk Plus is a kind of opposite, both in performance and in price of course.
The sound doesn't have that much separation and detail, and they sound more bassheaded.
photo_2023-03-01_15-00-08 (3).jpg
Thank you all for your attention. I hope you find something to your liking.
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VE Asura 3.0 FE - The VE for me
Pros: - Clear sound, great resolution
- Neutral
- Amazing build, especially the cable
- Great technical capabilities, plenty of detail
- Incredible staging, wide sound that feels like a headphone
Cons: - Typical earbud issues (Fit, bass, no isolation)
- Mids could be improved upon
- Needs power to shine
VE Asura 3.0 FE - Rambles (skip if you are looking for the details)

I have been in the earbud game for about 2 years, so not as long as some of the people in this community. However, being experienced with audio in the past and having a different types of gear in it, I'd say I am able to finally give a review of the different products I own and enjoy. And VE stuff is something thats almost a guilty pleasure. While their tunings are not everyones favourite, I adore it. From their 5 dollar Monk Plus, to the Zen 2.0, I have been taking these in and enjoying their sounds as I do my own work on earbuds and adjusting their own tunings. It feels a bit like home if you will! But lets get into this review! I will try to keep it short and sweet.

I have used everything on an LG v30 with high gain and Zen dac v1 in a 3.5mm jack
  • Build
The build of these to put it quickly is amazing. A gunmetal black Yuin PK shell that has a mirror reflection offers a lot of good looks alone. These feel so nice to touch and look at alone! But the cable is just as good. With a paracord first half, and a copper second that leads up to the buds, its surely something to look at in awe. Well done VE!

  • Sound
Now this is something that will vary upon many people, but to me, and by the title of this review, this is the VE for me. The sound feels most neutral. There isnt a large amount of bass, nor treble, in fact its really appealing and has an incredible technical ability to make this stand out from many of my other earbuds from VE. Its very engaging, clear, and has a tone that makes it feel relaxing to listen to. Its not aggressive but laid back.

Mids in these could be worked on, as stated in my cons list. The mids feel somewhat lacking that near that almost real feel to music. Its not bad, but its something to point out that makes it a potential issue in these if you are after that. Its just balanced, and the presentation on the Asura 3.0 really makes this work.

What the Asura 3.0 DOES get right in every way is the technical aspect. Detail, soundstage and overall the speed in the sound is something ive not heard properly in a bud for a while. With my Zen 2.0 thats more warm, the level of the Asura 3.0 achieves in insane. It truly made me go "wow" when I first put these on.


  • Thoughts/Conclusion
This review may not have been as detailed and fulfilling as others out there, but to put it swiftly, I love these. Theyre balanced, fast, detailed and wide sounding. I would most definitely suggest these if you are an earbud fanatic like me and many others, who enjoy a nice neutral sound to your music and just want something nice to hold onto. They're well built, sound great, and just an enjoyable experience.

This is my own thoughts on the Asura 3.0 FE! My first ever review. Its not a perfect review but I will try to do more!
Bob Diamond
Bob Diamond
Thank u for the review!


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VE Asura 3.0 FE - VE House Sound Redefined
Pros: -
- Well balanced throughout the dynamic range
- Great natural tonality and clean analogue timbre
- Amazing technicalities
- Great Macro and Micro details
- Neither warm or bright
Cons: -
- Mids not as lush or warm as VE ZEN 2.0
- Not for Bassheads
- Not for Trebleheads

Venture Electronics Asura 3.0 FE



Before I proceed any further, I must openly declare that this will not be a regular type of review that I normally did. I am fanatically devoted to VE house sound that it is impossible to rule out the possibility of me being utterly biased – I am writing these based on my personal listening preferences after all – a very subjective matter of taste.

So, if you happen to be the ones that despise Venture Electronics, you may want to stop right here. Reading further will only serve to annoy you no end…

To give you some perspectives, I own no less than 20 units of VE earbuds. More than I care to count. For VE Asura 2.0 alone I have 5 different variants tuned to sound slightly different from one another. 4 variants of Monk SM, Monk Lite and Monk+ each. Not counting the rest.
However, this will be the first time that I am actually writing a full review for my VE earbuds, I spent so much time listening to them that I just don’t have the time to sit down and write my impressions.

The very reason that I am so attuned to VE house sound is simple, Chief tuner and engineer for VE products, simply known by the name KK has similar sonic taste to me. He’s an avid Etymotic ER4S user just like me and he listens to STAX electrostatics. About the only ones that didn’t quite jive with my taste is the ZEN Lite & Bonus IE. But then I understand that VE needed to tune their stuffs differently – after all we humans do hear differently.


Asura itself was already defunct a few years back. Retired in favor of ZEN line. But through my connection with Wild Lee the founder of VE, I ended up owning 6 different Asura 2.0s. Which I hacked and modded with different cables, shells, and foams. Every time I modded VE earbuds, I gave feedbacks to Lee and told him exactly what I like or dislike. Patiently Lee listened to my rant day and night.
And it goes on and on, me spewing complaints here and there about this and that. I am amazed Wild Lee hasn’t blocked me yet on Facebook for the amount of harassment I did ahaha.
Then Lee revealed to me that VE did considered reviving Asura. And with the feedbacks he got from me, insights from Felix Wang and a few other VE regulars, KK spent exhausting amount of time and effort to resurrect Asura line – and thus we have VE Asura 3.0 FE.


Asura FE build is simply exquisite. Housed in metal PK shell similar to Monk SM, with very smooth finishes of Gunmetal Black offering mild hint of sparkle.
The cable is made of new generation of VE own Standard DI Copper, replacing the old Basic DI Copper which came with ZEN 2.0 SLQ. It is much more resilient and thicker in build density, yet still very pliable despite the thick main section. End to end the cable has been made with great articulation as per expected of premium VE products.
I measured my Asura 3.0 FE and it showed me the impedance is rated at 155 Ohm with my old multimeter. Pretty much similar to the Asura 2.0 of old. In contrast the ZEN 2.0 comes in 320 Ohm configuration, so this suggests that Asura 3.0 FE is supposedly easier to drive than the ZEN 2.0. However, both are still considered as heavyweights any which way I look at it. Power will be needed to make them sing.


From the get-go, I have used my Asura 3.0 FE extensively with the following equipment:
- VE Odyssey HD (ultra-portable setup)
- CEntrance DACport HD (most used 4 Vrms DAC/Amp)
- Ovidius B1 (regularly swapped with DACport HD)
- Questyle M12 + VE Runabout Plus 5 18V (laptop setup)
- LG V50 ThinQ 3.5mm on High Gain mode
- Xiaomi Redmi 10 with HiBy USB Exclusive Mode
- FLAC Files & occasionally Tidal Masters
* I didn’t even bother to use either Avani or Abigail as I reserved those two for driving efficient IEMs


The best way for me to describe Asura 3.0 FE is, exceptionally balanced timbre and tonality. While I would describe Monk SM being bright euphonic and ZEN 2.0 being warm Mid Centric, Asura 3.0 FE is simply neither warm nor bright. Nor does it sound outright flat like Monk GO (which is Diffused Field Neutral). There’s admirable composition of analogue and technical precision that I find rare in the earbuds that I have ever owned so far. One of the reasons I mostly listen to IEMs was simply because I prefer the focused articulation of dynamics and timbre like what I get from Etymotic ER2XR, ER4SR and Shure KSE1500. Asura 3.0 FE somehow managed to muster this precision which I find slightly lacking in Monk SM and even Monk Lite. ZEN 2.0 when powered properly was the closest thing to that quality that I seek, albeit ZEN 2.0 being audibly more Mids centric.

Asura 3.0 FE has that superb balance between crisp and smooth Dynamic transients which is so very engaging – being highly technical and musical at the same time. But it must be noted that these are achieved with no less than 2 Vrms of power, with VE Odyssey HD which is 1 Vrms, Asura 3.0 FE is largely musical and will still be highly enjoyable due to the rich density of Dynamics mass. Technical precision will only start to shine when fed at least with 2 Vrms of power (Ovidius B1) and absolutely the best with over 4 Vrms (DACport HD or Questyle M12 + RAP5).
End to end the tonality of instruments and vocals are just realistic and without any hint of undesirable anomalies.


Asura 3.0 FE finally hitting it right with Mids. Again, the word balance come into play. The presentation is spaced appropriately to what I perceived as natural, unlike ZEN 2.0 which can be “in your face” sort of Mids or slightly V curved presentation of Monk SM and Monk+. It is clean, clear, textured, and transparent to the nature of the recordings – no attempt to add warmth or sparkle that would otherwise color the output.
Male and female vocals are presented equally great faithful to the intended presentation. Be it Soprano, Baritone, Contralto, or anything in between, I get believable tonality as per expected. There’s no hint of sibilance in the upper Mids section where normally peaky female vocals like Alison Krauss can sometimes distort or ended up sounding nasal.
Instruments wise, guitars, drums, piano, cello, tambourine, synthesizers etc. all sounding proper with crispy smooth attack and bite – thanks to the pristine resolution that Asura 3.0 FE was able to muster.


Balance, balance, balance. Yep, it is balanced. Treble of Asura 3.0 FE is full of maturity and finesse. It has just the right amount of sparkle and air to not ended up being piercing. In contrast Monk SM and Monk+ SPC can be sibilant (I used double foams on my Monk SM to dampen the brightness). Treble comes with great details and texture exhibiting deep extensions, only outclassed by Shure KSE1500 (I don’t think anything can beat KSE1500…).
Treble decays are audibly crispy solid as it is smooth. Lingers realistically as would be in real life presentation. Overall nuances of Treble micro details are decidedly subtle and smooth – never euphonic (unlike HZSOUND Heart Mirror).


The focus of Asura 3.0 FE Bass is quality over quantity. Both Mid-Bass and Sub-Bass being exceptionally controlled and fast. They operate in their own respective space. When called for, Asura 3.0 FE is able to project solid commanding Mid-Bass punches and rumble – with admirable texture and details. Sub-Bass extend deep and offer mildly nuanced seismic responses and smooth decays. I said mildly nuanced – so this could translate into Sub-Bass being rolled off, but it is not. At least not to my ears. It is audible but just not as pronounced as how I would get from Fostex T40RP MK3. Overall, yet again the word balance comes into play. Asura 3.0 FE Bass is tuned to harmonize with the rest of the dynamic range. In fact, Bass of Asura 3.0 FE is not so dissimilar to ZEN 2.0 – both adeptly tuned with refined articulation.


Among all of VE earbuds, without a doubt Asura 3.0 FE has the crown on this subject. Technically more competent than ZEN 2.0 or Monk SM modded. Soundstage feels spacious and with good sense of air. It has good depth and width. Imaging is as sharp as it can be with great holographic projection. It is easy to track individual instruments as they tread in their own path due to cleanly defined separation line between layers.
Speed, well this is my favorite subject. Asura FE 3.0 is a speed demon. Be it highly complex or outright breakneck speed, Asura 3.0 FE handles them all well without breaking sweat. There’s no chance of things getting congested or compressed sounding.
Macro and Micro details are right up there with top dogs, pipping ZEN 2.0 SLQ especially with Micro details thanks to better dynamic transparency. ZEN 2.0 SLQ being “warmer” so the Micro details can be slightly masked. Versus Monk SM modded, no contest – Asura 3.0 FE simply does it better with more refinement on details imaging (which Monk SM can be mildly fuzzy at times).

Verdict and Muses

So, there you have it. Asura 3.0 FE. I don’t know about others, but Asura 3.0 FE for me is the final solution to my VE house sound craving. Since her arrival I have not touched my Monk SM, Monk Lite or VE Duke. Admittedly I still use my ZEN 2.0 SLQ whenever I feel the need to indulge myself with that organic lush and rich Mids. Otherwise Asura 3.0 FE now serve as my daily drivers. Be it music or even gaming, Asura 3.0 FE is my staple earbuds when isolation is not a concern. The comfort and fidelity offered by Asura 3.0 FE is just simply addictive, capable for long hour listening sessions. Yet again let me remind you, that these are my own impressions, very subjective to my taste and preferences. What works for me may be utter trash to some – and that’s perfectly normal.
But if there’s anything from VE that symbolizes balance, Asura 3.0 FE is it.
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Bob Diamond
Bob Diamond
hi master ANDY .. Whatever u said about the asura 3.0 fe is sooooo spot on ! EVERYTIME i put on the bud, i don't know when i'm gonna take it out ! Mines on 4.4mm and i still couldn't take off The Megtron from the Asura!
Btw, what speakers are those? I need ones that small. Thanks.
@jenkinsontherun Those are gaming speakers from Logitech. I forgot the model name