Veho VEP-008-Z8 360 Designer Headphones with Flex Cable

General Information

The Z8 headphones are fully compatible with all devices such as MP3 players, iPhone, iPad, laptops or any device which uses a standard 3.5mm output jack. Alternatively, connect it up to the SAEM S4 to turn them into wireless Bluetooth headphones. The 40mm noise isolating technology will decrease the surrounding noise pollution to allow you to enjoy and listen to your music the way you want. The super soft leather ear pads are designed for your comfort and the adjustable headband makes these headphones ideal for any head size. The foldable sleek and stylish design comes with a detachable 130cm flex flat ‘anti’ tangle cable that can be easily stored in the protective carry case, perfect for travelling or commuting.

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Solid Elegant Design, Detachable Cable, Cool Carrying Pouch, Folds for Storage, Good Isolation, Relaxed Sound Signature.
Cons: Tight Clamping, Slight Veil, Rolled Off Highs
The Veho Z8 is a chiselled headphone with a premium look and feel.

~ All photography was completed by me, no stock photos were used from Veho ~


Speaker Size:  40mm
Sensitivity:  92±3db
Impedance:  32ohm±15%
Frequency Response:  20Hz-20KHz
Cord Length:  130cm
Plug Size:  3.5mm


- Veho VEP-008-Z8 360° Z8 Designer Headphones
- 130cm AUX Cable
- Protective Carry Case
It is nice to see a detachable cable of this quality.  The flat design is great for reducing tangling and also helps to block any chance of microphonics.  I do wish that Veho included a second cable with a microphone, as it would be a welcome addition to help the Z8 to become even more portable.  
~I did find a great cable that would match up well with this headphone for only $8 USD:

The Protective Carrying Case is like nothing I have seen or felt before.  It is extremely flexible, yet feels like it would put up a big fight to anything trying to harm the Z8.  My only issue with it is that it is mesh and that would allow dust and any other small particle to easy get to the headphone.



Pictures do not do the Veho Z8 justice, it is an exceptional solidly built headphone.  It has a perfect premium weight and feels great in the hand.  The black headband is strong, yet wonderfully smooth to the touch.  
You can see that exceptional care is taken during the building process, even close up I could not find ANY imperfections.  The Z8 is seamlessly built headphone.
The Z8 quickly folds for easy storage or for use on the go.

The clamping force is quite substantial and noticeable from the start.  Quite a bit of pressure is placed onto the ears.  The headband could also use just a bit more padding on the top.  These are going to be hard headphones to wear for an extended period.  

The good looking soft leather pads can only take so much of the pressure off.  They are the saving grace to bring a bit of comfort to the Z8.
The Veho is an On-Ear design, though they almost fit over ear for me, which leads to an interesting fit.

Bass - The lows are very much present, but this is not a bass heavy headphone.  Instead there is a focus on a nice controlled sub-bass and subtle mid-bass.  There is not much of a kick, more of a feeling of smoothness.
Mids - The middle is the slightest amount recessed, though not quickly noticeable.  Vocals take a laid back path, but still product an enjoyable sound and presentation.
Highs - The upper range is rolled off early, hiding behind a thin veil that blocks off a bit of the details.  The Z8 is not fatiguing sonically as it takes a relaxing approach to the highs.
Isolation - The strong clamping force does come in handy in producing a nice seal that helps the Z8 to isolate very well.  You will never hear others around you complain that your music is too loud, they are just not going to hear it and you will not hear them well.  The Z8 is a great public travel headphone.
Soundstage - Isolation does come at a cost, there is quite nice width to the lows, but slims down as it extends up the range.  I would not classify the Z8 as narrow by any means.

*Overall Thoughts*

This is one of the best built headphones I have tested in a while.  The Z8 is extremely tough and solid.  A great use of high end materials go well with the eye pleasing design.

The Veho suffers with the fit unfortunately, the clamping force is quite strong and will cause immediate discomfort on the ears and head.  I feel a solution to this would be a slight redesign to thicker over the ear pads to help relieve a bit of that pressure.  Also adding a little more padding to the headband would be welcomed.
Sound wise, the Veho does nothing to offend.  Instead taking a relaxed approach to its sonic presentation.  While they by no means depict an analytical tone, they do still have a nice musical quality to the overall sound signature.

Veho has a headphone with a lot of potential with their Z8, I look forward to seeing what they do with it in the future.


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