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V-Moda Vibe Duo Earbud Headset (Chrome, iPhone Compatible)

  1. twiz 8
    V-Moda vibe duo
    Written by twiz 8
    Published May 21, 2011
    Pros - solidly made earbuds, punchy lows and mids
    Cons - the cord seems to retain it's postition causing it to tangle easally.
      These buds are made solid they have quality connections from the wire to the adapter and the buds. the mic i found useful however i worn you the mic casing can easily seperate from the other side,  nothing is used to keep the 2 sides connected. I usally wraped the cord around my iphone when i put it in my pocket and would find the casing seperated showing the wire and solded metal piece when i took it out, not a big problem i would simply slide it back in place. These sound great compaired to the stock ipod buds, All my music had more of a hard hit to it. some song do sound muddy but for the price im not complaining, I would recommend this to anyone and if you dont need the mic you can save some cash.