Urban Beatz Amp Earbuds - Reviews
Pros: Spacious soundstage, Good lows and mids, No amp required, Instrument seperation, Pricing
Cons: Smooth treble (it's there just not much emphasis compared to over all sound), Slight cable noise from moving across clothes
UPDATE: Changing eartips changes sound signature. Sounds more "neutral" with bass emphasis with larger eartips... The review below was with stock eartips which fitted decently in ear.


This is my review of the "Urban Beatz AMP" earbuds.

This is documentation of my experience with these "cheap" earbuds. I do some testing on them and listen to various music and test them on my PC and smartphone.

I purchased these at Marshalls for $7.99. The packaging is slick. The produce features an aluminum metal housing. And comes with 3 sized pair of eartips (soft silicone).

With some noise "isolation". The quality is actually pretty good for some earbuds that cost $8 bucks. It blew away the "Red Monster Nlite In-earbuds" from Walmart in terms of sound quality.

I'd say the sound quality is "full" however when it comes to lower bitrate music these are slightly unforgiving and lower bitrate effects the sound quality. Like with any good headphones/earbuds if lowbitrate music is played you hear the subtle artifacts so people mistake this for poor quality earbuds. these are actually decent when used with upper higher quality bitrate audio.

If you are listening to 64 kbps audio obviously it's not gonna sound as good as say 192 kbps or higher VBR quality audio. My music collection is filled with M4A 192 KBPS AAC audio encoded from actual CDs. The sound re-produced on these ear buds are amazing for such a low price. However people are picky when it comes to sound signature.

These earbuds have a little open back end. The sound signature is hard to fully define but it feels like an M40x that has been altered a bit and has a lower lows.

Another great thing the soundstage is unique. It does actually have a soundstage. I am still testing on music. and the soundstage isn't bad.

For some reason these have an almost what i'd call a "wide" soundstage. To some extent it does have a soundstage though.

I'm testing frequencies on them and it re-produces the lows nicely not bloated or "farting". But actual good reproduction.

However when the lows hit lower than 20 Hz it tends to get wooly below 20 Hz.

Starting around 16~18 Hz or so below it gets "wooly". But at around 18~20 Hz the sub bass is more controlled.

Below 17 Hz the sub is wooly and below that it becomes just "air" that is felt.

These earbuds are flavored to an extent but it's actually tuned decently I feel that it's similiar to the M40X in sound signature but hits lower.

I feel that these earbuds are like a warm version of an m40x. But with a sort of dark warm laidback sound signature of an m40x.

Moving on surprisingly classical music and orchestra music sounds great on these IEMs.

And I normally don't listen to that type of music maybe once in awhile. And it sounds good.

The somewhat wide soundstage for these small aluminum IEMs are great. The bass reproduction is great not bloated. The mids are good.

Due to the wider soundstage the highs sound almost laid-back but they aren't sizzly or shrill like an MDRV6/MDR7506.

I am just not used to wide soundstage yet. I am still adjusting to it but it's interesting. I feel like they are semi-warm with a wide soundstage.

Here is my conclusion from listening to these IEMs... They have a spacious soundstage with good instrument seperation.

And have good mid and low reproduction. The highs are there but sort of laid-backish. But the great instrument seperation and spacious soundstage makes up for it.

The model number is UZ-EM150-976 and says © 2016 Merkury Innovations, LLC.

Would I recommend them? Yes for the low price of $8 the sound quality is on par to some $100 headphones and beats some mainstream mass produced name brand store IEMs that i've tried.

However there is always one that stands out in quality. And these do stand out.

The aluminum metal casing and the drivers built in the casing seems to reproduce low frequencies well. and the soundstage is spacious/wide. Great instrument seperation.
I still can't believe I payed less than $10 bucks. The stuff that's like $5 or $10 bucks like those "jvc gumy's" aren't good compared to these IEMs.
These are really a diamond in the dirt.