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  1. Peddler
    Excellent value for money - non fatiguing sound.
    Written by Peddler
    Published Dec 28, 2016
    Pros - Sound quality for price, wrap around ears fit, volume, battery life, accessible controls.
    Cons - Recessed treble.
    Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to try out quite a few different bluetooth headphones - both full-sized and earbud types. One definite conclusion I have come to is that there are some surprisingly good inexpensive headphones on the market now - and the UMIDIGI’s are definitely on the good side.
    The UMIDIGI’s come supplied with the usual USB charging cable, a couple of pairs of different sized tips and ear guides in a rather attractive black tin with their logo on the top. All in all, a nice package for their asking price.
    One thing I really liked straight away with these headphones is that they wrap around your ears rather than just hang down. This greatly helps with both the fit and helps minimise the sounds your body makes when walking, etc. This is definitely a welcome feature and something that I missed when I sold the Shure E500’s. Whilst on the subject of the Shure’s I feel that I have to point out that the UMIDIGI’s are very close in sound quality to the Shure’s - that’s quite a statement considering the hundreds of pounds difference in both price and the technology used for the drivers.
    The insertion depth is shallower than on the Shure E500’s but even with this shallow depth the bass comes through nicely. The ear guides help to maintain an effective seal whilst you’re active - these definitely fit better than any of the other bluetooth earbuds in my collection. I tend to normally wear these types of headphones with the cable in front rather than behind - usually because it’s easier to get to the controls but I didn’t really have too much difficulty wearing the cable behind my neck and I could still fairly easily access the controls.
    Although they are constructed out of plastic, the quality feels first-rate and there are no rough edges, the cable is good quality and the bluetooth controls are really nicely done - having sufficient space between the buttons to enable easy access whilst you’re wearing the headphones. The controls are also completely covered in a rubber sheet which should help maintain a reasonable degree of water resistance. The area of cabling that wraps around your ears has a ‘memory’ feature - only time will tell if this maintains its shape. I personally felt that it could do with being a little bit longer - I guess I have bigger ears than most people.
    The headphones pair up quickly with voice prompts advising you on power and connection status but they don’t advise on battery status (which is a bit of a shame). Battery power appears to be good but to be honest I try to always maintain a reasonable amount of power reserve in all my electronics as this help prolong the life of the rechargeable batteries.
    Sound Quality
    The UMIDIGI’s make use of the APtX bluetooth protocol and this offers a fast, reliable connection and improved sound quality on my Android device. The noise floor is very low and can only be heard when there’s no music playing - even then you have to listen carefully to hear it. The headphones do go nice and loud - this is something I am always looking for in Bluetooth headphones as it allows for a more dynamic listening experience - even at lower volumes.
    These phones have some very impressive bass which is capable of going deep. The bass is  ‘softer’ than what you would find with balanced armatures but still tuneful and allows you to follow bass notes without any problem. It’s slightly boosted but this does help - especially as they have a shallow insertion depth.
    Clear. Female vocals come across clearly and with a reasonable degree of depth. When making calls voices come across clearly and natural sounding.
    Recessed which makes for pleasant fatigue-free listening. Also does lack some detail in cymbals, etc. Although not a deal breaker and the overall sound signature is pleasantly mellow and preferable to having too much treble.
    One of the full-sized headphones I have really grown to like recently are the excellent V-Moda Crossfade Wireless. I wouldn’t describe these headphones are accurate - they tend to boost the bass and subdue the treble but they have some real musical impact and the UMIDIGI’s share a similar sound character. For longer listening sessions this is something I definitely prefer.
    They do sound good when used at lower volumes and don’t leak sound out too bad - good news for people who like to listen to music in bed without disturbing their partners. Note that at higher volumes there is a small amount of sound leakage - although nowhere near as bad as you would find with the Apple Earpods.
    It’s important to not lose sight of the fact that these are 20 quid bluetooth headphones. I’ve mentioned the Shure E500 in ear monitors in the review which are wired, multiple balanced armatures and cost many hundreds of pounds. In my opinion, the UMIDIGI’s sound very similar. This is high praise indeed as I  did like the Shure’s when I owned a pair.
    In case you haven’t guessed, I really like these headphones. They’re not perfect by any stretch but you have to keep in mind their low price. Unlike many of their competitors in this price range, their bass isn’t overblown, their top-end is recessed and yet remains tuneful, their fit is effective (although shallow) and the amplification in them goes nice and loud without distortion.  Well recommended at the price.


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    1. limafranco
      How many listening hours? Didn't find that. Thanks, great review
      limafranco, Jan 2, 2017
    2. Steven Zheng
  2. Pastapipo
    UMI-BTA8 Bluetooth in-ears
    Written by Pastapipo
    Published Dec 18, 2016
    Pros - Price, Packaging, build quality, comfort, sound stage, sound imaging.
    Cons - Lacks high end sparkle, bit veiled, bassbleed.

    A short while ago, UMI approached me and offered me the chance to try out the UMI-BTA8 Bluetooth Runner IEMS. Since the Christmas feast is approaching, going out for an occasional run might not be such a bad idea to stay in shape. These IEMs might be the push I need to defy the cold December rain wind and snow… Who am I kidding? I’m going to test these out in a warm and comfortable gym.  I like to thank UMI  for generously providing me with a sample. The UMI-BTA8 is available from different resellers for around $28. I got mine from amazon:
    DE: http://amzn.to/2g7SzYn
    US: http://amzn.to/2hfdOIe
    UK: http://amzn.to/2h3Ecld
    Website: http://www.umidigi.com/accessories-show.html?id=3
    I received the UMI-BTA8 free of charge. Nonetheless the following opinion is a personal honest opinion. Usually I buy a product and review them according to how they suit my personal preferences. In this instance however, I will try to keep things more general since this review is about the product and not about my personal audio adventures. The rating is based on the whole product as a combination and not solely on audio quality alone.
    Source: Samsung Galaxy s7.
    Music: Spotify Extreme & Poweramp Alpha with 44.1khz/16bit Flac files.
    Setup: Stock Tips size M. Stock ear spacers size L
    Burn in: 24 hours on the cooker before listening.
    My acknowledged bias: Music preference (Indie/alternative/rock), preferred sound signature (neutral with a touch of subbass) and previous audio gear (see profile).
    Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.1
    Battery: 100mAh rechargeable battery
    Water Proof: IPX4 (splash proof)
    Music Play time: 8 hours
    Standby time: 200 hours
    Charging time: about 2-3 hours
    Package Contents:
    - Bluetooth in-ear headphone
    - Micro USB charging cable
    - S/M/L Size tips
    - 3 sizes ear spacers
    - User manual
    The IEMS come well presented in a surprisingly nice tin case. The whole presentation makes the IEMs feel much more luxurious than what you may expect at this price point. The addition of a nicely designed micro-usb cable is a fine detail. There were some minor scratches on the tin case, but this is nit-picking from my side. The package is excellently suitable as a gift, just make sure you remove the huge amazon barcode sticker from the side.
    build, design and fit:
    Very well build, everything is made of sturdy plastic, with the remote having a slight soft touch to it. The remote works as it should with a discrete notification light in the remote offering some functional feedback. Other notifications, like the connection status, are being spoken out in the iem (“device disconnected”).  The UMI-BTA8 weighs a measly 16 grams and feel extremely light to the head. The earhook together with the spacers make sure the iems stay in place, even with extensive workouts. They are very comfortable and you’ll practically forget you’re wearing them if not for the cable which connect both drivers. Its rubbery and springy and tends to form to its original boxed state. It’s often looking for a fight with my t-shirt or neck. A smoother, more flexible cable would have been perfect, but maybe I’m asking too much at this price point. The IEM itself is quite discrete and not as dorky as some other Bluetooth headsets (I’m looking at you airpods). The gunmetal and black colour combination looks great.
    Battery life and Bluetooth:
    Not much to talk about here. No Bluetooth drop outs or music interruptions. The battery has a lot more stamina than I do and I charge it once in a while. Specifications say 8 hours play time, which seems about right from my experience. Charging is easily done with a standard micro-usb port in the remote.
    Not bad at all. The sound is warm/dark with a prominent but not overblown bass. I’m quite impressed UMI managed to produce a sub $30 Bluetooth IEM with such a pleasant sound. Imaging and soundstage are exceptional at this price point. Passive Isolation is above average.
    Let’s dive a little deeper in the sound:
    Definitely not the highlight of the tuning. While being present and sounding accurate, they lack sparkle. As a consequence, the UMI-BTA8 sounds warm and a bit veiled. Especially the high-hat and crashes of the drum-kit are not as prominent as I wished them to be. As a consequence, rock music misses some excitement. Details are there, but nothing special.  
    The spotlight of the show and very nicely done. Guitars in ‘B.B. King/Eric Clapton – The Thrill Is Gone’ sound full and smooth. However, EDM/Pop is where the UMI-BTA8 really shines. Due to the excellent soundstage and 3D imaging, Instruments/samples surround you and are positioned perfectly. The full midrange produces a immersive experience with a lot things happening in all directions. Voices are a bit veiled, which may not be appreciated by Urban lovers. For rock music, it definitely lacks some clarity when things get busy. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it muddy, but I’ve heard better. I didn’t notice this so much in edm/pop music.
    Present while not dominating subbass. While the mid bass elevation is definitely there, it is fortunately not overdone. The subbass sounds quite good and offers an acceptable depth. My biggest gripe with them however, is the leaking of midbass/lower midrage into the mix. Guitar chords get overshadowed by the bass guitar in rock music. In EDM, where things are more separated, this is not as noticeable.
    Compared to the TTPOD T1-E (around $35):
    The whole idea of the UMI-BTA8 is that it’s a Bluetooth IEM. Comparing it to a wired IEM may not be that fair since they focus on a different use (running vs pure sound quality). However I’m glad to say the UMI holds it own. The TTPOD T1-E is the closest I have to the warm/dark sound signature of the UMI-BTA8. Still, the TTPODs offer a brighter and clearer sound while retaining an excellent bass department. The UMI beats the TTPOD hands down when looking at imaging and soundstage.
    For less than $30 Umi offers an excellent choice for people who want to listen to EDM/Pop music while working out. The form factor, battery life and ease of use are excellent for workouts. Sound quality is very acceptable with great soundstage and imaging. Highs do lack sparkle and the bass could be more controlled, but all in all a solid choice for EDM/pop lovers. People who want to listen to rock or classical music, should look further.
    Tl;dr: Solid low budget choice for people who want to listen to EDM/Pop during work out. The dark/warm signature is not for everyone. Lacks sparkle, bleeding bass.
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