UITaudio PMP-353P


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Built very well, does what company claims it will (if used on lower quality gear)
Cons: Bulky, requires lower quality gear to really hear results.

    Every now and then I get a pleasant surprise in the form of an email inquiring about my interest in reviewing a product. And this was most certainly the case with Unique Innovation Technology (henceforth UIT) and their Perfect Music Purifier (henceforth PMP) 353 (desktop application [3 TRS connectors]) & 354 (mobile application [4 TRS connectors {allows use of microphone while having this product connected}]) P products. Seeing as I was so impressed with the iFi nano iUSB3.0 who shares a similar concept as these which are in a portable platform I eagerly accepted the invitation.
    So to my new friends at UITaudio, thank you for allowing me to take part in reviewing two of your products. You’ve given great assistance throughout the entirety of the review and were just as friendly. But pleasantries aside, allow me to jump into my review of the PMP-353/4P
DISCLAIMER: I will be posting this review TWICE, firstly under the product UIT 353P and then again under the product UIT 354P. Both products are exactly the same minus the difference in TRS connectors.
A little about me
    I would like to say that first and foremost I am NOT an “audiophile” but rather an audio enthusiast. I listen to music to enjoy it. Do I prefer a lossless source? Yes, of course. But I can still be very happy streaming from Pandora or even my YouTube “My Mix” playlist. I also prefer equipment that sounds the best to me personally regardless of what frequency response it has or rather or not it's “sonically accurate” and I always have and shall continue to encourage others to do the same.
    I'm a 25 year old firefighter, for the City of Concord North Carolina as well as the U.S. Army North Carolina National Guard. The cliché of wanting to do this since I was born couldn't be more present with me. I've worked hard over the last several years to earn this position and now it's time for me to work even harder to keep it.
    My interests/hobbies are power lifting, fishing and relaxing to audio products and reviewing them to help other decide on what products would work for them. Few things make me as an audio enthusiast/review feel more accomplished than when someone tells me that I helped them find the type of sound they've always been looking for.
    Now, the sound signature I personally favor is a relaxing, warm and sensual sound that just drifts me away in the emotional experience of the music being performed. Yes, accuracy is still important but I will happily sacrifice some of that if I'm presented with a clean, warm sound that can wisp me away into an experience that makes me yearn for more.
    My ideal signature are that of respectably forward mids and upper bass range with the bass being controlled but with some slight decay. I like my treble to have nice extension and detail reveal with a smooth roll off up top as to not become harsh in the least. Examples of products that have given me chills and keep giving me the yearning for more feels are the (in no particular order) Bowers & Wilkins P7, Oppo PM-1/2, Empire Ears Hermes VI & Zeus XIV, Audeze LCD-XC, Meze Headphones 99 Classics.
Equipment used at least some point during the review
    -Bowers & Wilkins P7
    -Sennheiser HD650
    -Empire Ears Hermes VI
    -Meze Headphones
-99 Classics
-12 Classics
    -Schiit Lyr 2
        -w/ matched '68 Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8 tubes
    -Audio-Technica AT-PHA100
    -Schiit Bifrost 4490
    -LG V20
    -Cayin i5
    -Luxury & Precision L3
    -HP 15634 Laptop
-Misc. Equipment
    -Source cleaner
        -iFi Nano iUSB3.0
    I am by no means sponsored by this company or any of its affiliates. They were kind enough to send me a product for an arranged amount of time in exchange for my honest opinion. I am making no monetary compensation for this review.
    The following is my take on the product being reviewed. It is to be taken “with a grain of salt” per say and as I always tell people, it is YOUR opinion that matters. So regardless of my take or view on said product, I highly recommend you listen to it yourself and gauge your own opinion.

The Opening Experience  
 Why I feel so strongly about the initial unboxing experience
    Please allow me to explain why I feel so strongly about the initial unboxing experience with a product. Maybe it’s due to my southern roots in the hills of eastern Kentucky, but I’ve always been raised under the pretense of when you introduce yourself to someone for the first time you present yourself with confidence, class, character, pride, and competence. You greet the other person with a true warm smile, eye contact and a firm handshake. Anything less or short implies to other person that you either don’t care about them, are too full of yourself, too busy to be bothered by the likes of them, or worse, just generally disrespectful.
    As a consumer, I take this same belief to when I open a new product. Why? Because think about it this way. How else can a company introduce themselves to their customers? How do they present their products? Are they packaged with pride and presented in such a way that makes the listener eager to listen to them? Or maybe they’re just wrapped up and placed in an available space. How about the box itself? Is it bogged down with jargon that says look at this, look what I can do. I’m better than anything on the market and here’s why read this and check out that. Or, is the package clean, simplistic and classy? As if saying to the customer ‘Good day, pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Please give me a listen and allow me to show you what I can do and allow my actions to speak louder than my words.’
    This is why I feel so strongly about the initial presentation of a product, and I feel it’s truly a shame more people don’t. But with all that aside, let’s discuss how this products introduced itself shall we?

    To be upfront and honest, I wasn’t expecting too much of an unboxing experience to come from a cable. But I will say that the initial presentation UIT presented was quite respectable. Both products come in a very well made and premium feeling case that feels like a faux leather (never been a fashion guru). Each cable was also inside a plastic sealed bag inside the case which snapped closed by the use of a single button centered in front.
    A very short section yes but really, I was impressed that UIT went the extra mile to provide their customers with the carrying case and even make it a premium one, so well done.


    The build quality to the UIT 353 & 354P are absolutely superb. Very tough and rugged and they each give me complete confidence that they’ll be around for a long while to come. Though the units are rather large and heavy they are still made pliable to you can at least fit it in your pocket (or smaller space) with relative ease.
    The cables that extend from the purifier unit in the middle (to connect to the headphones and source) are not only build very well with intertwined plastic cased cables, they also have a net casing on top which prevents nicks and sharp objects from causing accidental damage to the unit.
Lastly, the unit has the UIT’s signature logo printed centered on the main purifier block. Overall I find the build quality reasonable. Strictly in terms of ruggedness and strength it’s top notch, but what makes it average is its quite heavy weight and size.

    Now to the most important matter, how are the results that the UIT PMP 353/4P produce? Very interesting is my answer to that. What I mean by that is the PMP’s perform differently depending on what source is feeding the information into it. For example, when I’m using either of my portable setups (Luxury & Precision L3 or LG V20) the results are very and I do mean very minutely noticeable (mostly in the LG V20) but still exist. I got similar results regardless of what headphone I was using or song I played. These findings corresponded onto the desktop setup as well. This seriously worried me because this product goes full retail for just south of $300 (currently on sale for $188 during the time of this review) and though I can hear some gains when using the PMP and I’m well aware of the aspects of diminishing returns but this was extremely disappointing.
That was until I was at work and I asked my colleague to listen to my headphones with the PMP354P through his phone (which was just a basic phone he said he bought at walmart). He went back and forth with and without the unit and said that there’s an immediate and notable improvement in the sound quality. Surprised at his finding I asked to hear myself and sure enough it was night and day better. This greatly intrigues me and led me to try it on my Astro MixAmp I use for gaming (you should understand by just that sentence my thoughts on this device) and lo and behold it was a night and day improvement.
    UIT’s claim of how the device works in their video on their website explains these findings spot on. Which is it filters out all the noise and jitter in the signal (which is more present in lower tiered audio products) which is why things will sound better and may fulfill their claim to increase soundstage and depth.
    Now, keeping that the PMP’s perform better the worse source material is used I find that their claims do in fact hold true and I had to use my colleagues phone as much as I could on breaks to hear the difference. There is a significant increase in quality but not due to being better per say but rather by cleaning up the noise that overrides the details in the music. That also gave me the illusion of it having a bigger soundstage and retrieving more detail than the built in DAC does by ridding the white noise I’m hearing.
    That also brings on an unfortunate realization. I consider the equipment I have (see my profile for list) to be adequate for the vast majority of audio enthusiasts. Not end game by any means but certainly not introductory into the field. And I can only minutely hear and benefit to the PMP regardless of mobile or desktop use (with the exception of going straight out of my laptop, this thing sucks so I do hear a pretty notable improvement). So if you’re of even better equipment then I can’t in good conscious recommend this unless you truly want to ensure you’ve removed any and all possible noise and jitter from your audio. Now if you’ve a lower tiered source and really like it but want to clean up the source then you’ll likely really enjoy the PMP series.
For me personally, the best results that I was able to get the most enjoyment out of the devices was for gaming. Making the laughably noisy Astro pitch black is a HUGE benefit that I consistently take advantage of the PMP’s ability to filter out all the jitter.

    Overall the UIT PMP 353/4P purifiers is that for certain setup they’re a huge benefit. The built quality is very nice and strong as well as great looking but is really large and rather heavy. When used with equipment that isn’t the quietest of backgrounds then the claims of audio quality, soundstage, and detail retrieval do turn to be true. This is one of the few products that the results really and truly depend on the user and their own personal setup. YMMV and I encourage you to try some of the UIT PMP products out and see if they’ll work for your setup.

Also, make sure to check out my unboxing and review videos. They’re pretty awesome AND you getta put a face to the Army-Firedawg name. If this review helped you out at all please hit that thumbs up button for it really helps me out a lot. Till next time my friends, stay safe.