Tuff-Luv Western Case for Cowon Plenue D MP3 Leather Black [E5_66]

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Pros: Good case with cover for screen | Purchase came with a complimentary screen protector | Easy access to all buttons and ports
Cons: Case doesn't close fully (at least on Day 1) | Side of player is still exposed.

So I just bought the Plenue D and wanted a decent case for the player. At the time of writing this review, only the following cases are available for the Plenue D. I will give my thoughts about each and talk about the Tuff Luv (the one I bought) last.


Cowon Official Case for the Plenue D

-I like the color options

-Looks really cheap for the price, I’m not even sure the case material is leather

-Similar price as Tuff Luv with less features IMO

-No screen protection

-Protects most edges of the Plenue D


Dignis Leather Case for the Plenue D

-Similar design to the Cowon case

-Higher quality leather than Cowon case and also covers the buttons (Cowon case does not)

-Most expensive option


Noreve Leather Case for the Plenue D

-Many design options

-Better protection that the Cowon and Dignis case as this has a screen cover flap

-Better protection than the Tuff Luv case

-BUT there is one fatal flaw. The screen cover flap opens upwards and the Tuff Luv cover flap opens sideways. The problem is the headphone socket is at the top of player. With this case, if you have a headphone jack plugged in, you can’t easily open and close the cover flap. Maybe you could, but it looked really awkward in the photos. This was a deal breaker for me

-A little bit more expensive than the Tuff Luv case but cheaper than the Dignis


Tuff Luv Case

-Great front and back protection for the player. The front and back are well padded and extended beyond the player’s dimension to provide some protection to the exposed edges and side.

-Provides storage space for 4 micro sd cards. I have no use for that right now but some of you may appreciate this feature

-Looks and feels like genuine leather. I think it actually is

-Free screen protector film, which was nice

-Lifetime warranty by manufacturer

-Easy access to all ports and buttons on the player


I have two concerns with this case

-The cover flap doesn’t close completely without the magnetic strap (see photos below). I’m hoping this is because the leather is new and will not be a problem after some use

-Some edges are still exposed to chips. I was really close to buying the Noreve case but I did not find enough reviews about it to get me comfortable




Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and I hope this reviews helps.IMG_20161013_1925562.jpg



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