Tube DAC-09

General Information

It is a 5-in-1 unit: can be used as 1) external USB DAC for laptop, 2) headphone amp, 3) tube processor for analog signal, 4) digital decoder for optical and coaxial signal.
You can use it directly with your digital source such as laptop and music server and play music back through your existing amplifier or powered speakers. Or you can simply get a pair of high quality headphones and enjoy the music in private!

Breath new life into your older CD or DVD players either by connecting them to the digital or analog inputs. Turn your Blue Ray Player into a higher-end music/audio player.

Computer game music will also become less fatiguing with the tube processing of the TubeDAC-09.

Latest reviews

Pros: DAC/ pre-amp/ tube buffer/USB converter, tons of options
Cons: None
This unit has such versatility its incredible. I use it as a DAC, a pre-amp, a tube buffer, its a Swiss army knif of DACs. With its tube flavor-a single 5670- this DAC can be tailored to your individual sound preferences. The $200 price ws easily the best investment I've made in HiFi equipment and Grant Fidelity is second to none in customer service. This unit offers incredible value.


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