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TRI Meteor


Drivers: 10mm Beryllium-plated DD + Knowles ED-29689 BA
Interface: 2pin 0.78
Plug: 3.5mm single
Cable: OFC


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kin HGD

100+ Head-Fier
TRI Meteor: Clear and Peaceful Sound
Pros: Balanced and nextral sound
Knowles ED 29689 + beryllium-plated DD
The bass and mids fit well with each other
The timbre is great, different units fit better than a lot of hybrids
Kbear 07 eartips
Cons: The soundstage is not big, average level
The texture of cable
The highs is not as good as the rest.
I got this Meteor from @WendyLi ’ colleague who is in charge of domestic market, for some advice. But I would say that Meteor is already so good, and my advice turned to my review.

I am not a professional reviewer, at least not now, or at least not review IEMs in English. I have been writing reviews in Chinese for a while, maybe my review will not be as good as you guys used to read, but I will try my best. My words will be what exactly I want to express, concise and fair.



Gray box with a simple design. you can tell the name of the IEMs: Meteor.


Open it, you can see the same design as Starshine, with 5 pairs of kbear 07 eartips. By the looking of Meteor, I know Meteor belongs to Star series, all Stars are resin shell while i series are Metal.


There are two layers here, the inside one are case and Accessories. I mentioned the case when I was reviewing the i3 pri, I personally like the case very much. Good looking and useful.


That are all they peovide with Meteor, 8 pairs of tips could satisfy most users. A case and a cleaning cloth and a blush for cleaning, the cable is black OFC cable with a 3.5mm single end plug.

2. Configuration
Units: DD + BA
Cable: OFC
Interface:2PIN 0.78mm
Plug: 3.5mm single
FR: 20~20khz

this is what I all know.


3. Sound
(My favorite part is the sound. In fact, for me, the most important part of a earphone is the sound and the price, the decisive factors in whether I buy it or not.)

balanced and neutral sound, clean and peaceful, with a little bit of moist. This kind of sound has never been heard in the previous TRI.

The soundstageis is not large, a little smaller than starsea, but in terms of my sense of hearing, I am a person who has no requirements for big soundstage, so I tentatively define it as a shortcoming, which is definitely not a pro.

The positions of imaging have been well adjusted, so Meteor handle most songs easily. The density of imaging is just right what I want, perfect. Better than starsea. I will explian the reason later.

If you have read my review before, you may know that the timbre is the first thing I will pay attention to. Because as long as you choose the units and the shell, then something will never change, not matter what kind of the taste it will be, the timbre will not change.

I like the way how Meteor deal with two kind of units. The DD and BA have something different, but they just fit each other so well, better than i3 pro IMO. To be honest, I think the highs is not perfect, as long as you tried i3 pro, you may find what I said.

But Meteor has done a wonderful job, as we all know, beryllium - plated DD always has a neutral timbre, with a high speed. The speed make the lows a little cold and tight like BA, then DD provide a few sub-bass with a little moist, the sub-bass is the soul of the sound, if there is not enough sub-bass, then the sound will be dry. As for the timbre of ED 29689, no need to say, too familiar. As long as you recall.

Just the right amount to me, but not enough to most people. A high responding speed and a good cohesion, Meteor control its lows well from bleeding, and if you accept the DD, you maybe find the amount maybe not enough, but so right.

Meteor is not selling at lows, but the lows will not bring a bad experience to you, that is so called right amount IMO. The lows has a very good texture and a sense of precision in some way.

To be honest, I don’t talk too much about the mids. It is so typical ED 29689. Neutral timbre, right position, good resolution and a good sense of density. The mids and the bass fit well as I have said before. And the bass add a little taste to the mids.

ED-29689 is not that good at highs as its mids, so the highs will not attract you at the first time, actually Meteor is lack of the sense of highs or the amount of highs.

Why the sense of highs? Because the mids. Luckily the BA is a good one, they are linear and smooth, not moist but not dry.

Just a casual talk, about the sound and why I like it.

ED 29689 is so common that most of us know how it sound, The BA really has so many advantages, such as the timbre and mids. But just a single BA for mids and highs, the soundstage can’t be big and the imaging will not be as thick as expected.

Then a DD for bass, so the matching problem is the biggest problem, the better they fit, the more technical Meteor will be. So they turned to the beryllium-plated DD with a wonderful performance, we all know beryllium, actually pure-beryllium IEMs are all not tasty or moist in some way, not like Utopia. So beryllium-plated DD is the perfect.

Judging from the sound, some one may say why no more bass here. Come on, more bass means less sense of highs. So they limited the bass, from bleeding.

Luckily, because the limit of bass, the bass has a little sense of precision, with a little sense of moist. And the sense of precision and moist is the key why I like Meteor.


4. More
I don’t have any problem wearing most of the IEMs, so I am very comfortable when I wear Meteor. One thing I have to say is the driver flex. Meteor does not have driver flex. Starsea has such problems. TRI is really solving the problem.

The texture of Meteor is also very good. The workmanship is excellent, the cover is decorated with silver foil, and the starlight is decorated with gold foil. Moreover, the appearance and volume of Meteor are the best in the star series in my eyes.

However, Meteor also has disadvantages, that is, the texture of cable is not as good as starsea, maybe because the cost of cable. In theory, at the same cost, you can have a better-looking cable. This cable may be for sound, because with the original line, the Meteor is already good enough.

5. Conclusion
At last, Let’s talk about TRI. In fact, after Meteor came out, my favorite TRI product is Meteor. I think this sound is very healthy. This is why I review it. If I don’t Like, I don’t have to review it. Among all the previous products of TRI, my favorite is i4. Although I have starlight, this is the truth. What I like is the sound, not the price.

As for whether Meteor is worth buying or not, I am actually very conservative. From an objective point of view, it is very good in many ways.

In another word, TRI wants to release a good IEMs with a reasonable price and good sales, They have to be as excellent as they used to be, or more excellent than they used to be.

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Thank you for this good review.