Topping TP32 Class T TA2024B Digital Amplifier with USB-DAC AMP

General Information

Product Features • Remote control system and LED front display • Synchronize start-up and shutdown with your computer • Volume fade to protect your speakers and your hearing • Integrated T-Amp, Dac and Headphone Amplifier design • Tripaths TA2024B chipset with DPP technology • USB connection for highest quality sound from your computer • Cirrus Logic's CS3310 low distortion electronic volume control • Gold plated analog RCA stereo input • All-aluminum chassis with 8mm CNC machined face plate • Widely recognized high-quality components from KOA, ERO, Siemans, Nichicon, Toko, Omron, • Fujitsu etc. • Turn-on & turn-off pop suppression • Over current & over temperature protection *For optimum performance we recommend the use of Panasonic RP-HTX9, RP-HTX7 or RP-DJ120 headphones. Our store Sain Store is offering sufficient accessories for you, please freely shop in us!


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