The House of Marley The Exodus Headphone with Mic in Brown,Headphones for Men, One Size,Brown

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The House of Marley The Exodus Headphone with Mic in Brown,Headphones for Men:

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Pros: Fantastic full bodied detailed sound. Beautiful design and tan colour for men. Paddings are comfortable even after two hours of clamping.
Cons: Can't think of anything yet
Beethoven's concerti no. 4 and 5 brilliance to my ear drums compelled me to purchase this without hesitation. 
Parts of the proceeds go to charity makes me want to buy another Bob Marley environmentally people loving head phones. soon. 
Pros: Suprisingly good sound. Tight prominent bass, Firm but comfortable on the head. Love the bag. Cool eco style.
Cons: Clamping pressure a bit high but ok for an hour or two. Some cymbals a bit to prominent. Tight imaging in head not around.
I was plesantly suprised by both the sound and the elastic headband, both of wich have gotten negative feedback on these headphones. Its possible I have gotten a newer revised model of the headband.

The sound i a bit warm with aprominent bass. Tha bass is tight though, so they are great for bass heavy rythms from jazz to stoner rock. Due to the firm grip on my head I think they are great for commuting music or work, which is how I use them. My first impression was some similarity with Grado 60i. However the Grados have a smoother high reproduction. On the Exodus I feel some symbals are a bit strong and fizzy, but not often enough to be irritating. My hearing is no good over 7000Hz so I cant speak for high end reproduction.

Build quality is nice. The cables are textile sheathed and look strong although they are pretty thin and light. They have a remote volume and microphone thingy that suits "iGadgets". The detailing of the wood, headphone cups and pads is very good. Although there are three buttons connecting the headband and speaker cup, in practice there is no adjustment here, wich is disapointing. Instead you adjust buy pulling a hidden elastic in the headband to expand it. The system works and dose not retract the headband while I wear it, even though I have a large head. Also I like the bag that comes with the phones. Only the button on the bag is a bit difficult to close because it is small and there is nothing to push against inside the bag. A buckle would be better. There are no points to attach the bag, so you have to hold it or stuff it in your bag/rucksack as you travel. I am planning to punch two holes in e corners of mine so I can hook them to the outside of my bag.

A slight annoyance is vibration transmission to the cups, wich are probably not dampend on their inner surface. When the cord scratches against things the sound is sometimes transmitted to the earcups, also the earcups themselves are sensitive to noise transmission when you touch them. In the future I might open them and experiment with a bit of bluetack on the cup .

Please also read this review with measurements:

In conclusion I am happy with my purchase and love the rasta Grados! "Exodus, all right! Movement of Jah people!" (B. Marley)



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