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Tforce Audio is the newcomer to the multitude of audio companies from China in the market but they already have a previous experience as an OEM manufacturer of high quality drivers to some of the most prolific audio companies out there.


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Kathiravan JLR

New Head-Fier
Pros: Balanced Sound Profile (Kind of Harman)
Neutral Tonality
Smooth Vocals and Highs
Design and Fit
Cons: Lacks the Bass Authority
Treble roll off-lacks sparkle

TForce Audio is a newly established brand in the ChiFi Audio industry and as a first step into this giant industry they released their first product Yuan Li. From the aspect of the looks they appear bold, elegant, they priced it right and in this review let’s see whether this Yuan Li has that same characteristics in the sound too.



This unit has been provided to me as a part of a review circle organised by TForce Audio and thanks to the team and Indranil Mitra for giving me this opportunity to review this product. I have not been influenced by the brand by any means to manipulate this review hence the whole views are my own and it’s based on my experience and observations with this product. The views might differ from one person to another since it depends upon the source used to test out the gear.


>Large 10mm Dynamic Driver with DLC Diaphragm.

>Standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.

>Impedance: 32Ω.

>Sensitivity: 103.5dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>THD+N: 0.2%


Yuan Li is bundled with a custom-made leather earphone carry case, 6N OCC copper cable, six pairs of silicone ear tips


The design of the Yuan Li is ergonomic and smooth. The whole build is made out of aluminium shell and the edges are smooth and curvy. Silver colour trim is given for the whole earpiece and the faceplate has the TForce Audio logo in it. The 2 Pin connector area is nicely recessed and doesn’t protrude outside. The whole body is not a unibody design rather the faceplate has a connection to the remaining part of the body. The joints are seamlessly finished and the whole surface looks shiny and smooth. The disadvantage of this shiny property is that they attract a hell lot of fingerprints and are very prone to scratch up. It Would have been better if they gave a matt finished look to it. The nozzle area is good in length and has enough width, the nozzle is also gold plated and is attached well to the body.

The cable is pretty good, which is a 2 core 6N OCC Copper cable ending with the 3.5mm termination. The cable looks very sleek and good and has that nice supple texture. The connector, termination and the splitter are everything made of metal hence looks very premium and will definitely last a long.



The sound profile of the Yuan Li is pretty balanced and in specific they are mid centric earphones with one of the best in terms of tonality and vocals. The mid range is very good and the other frequencies are above average too. Initially I was not happy with the Yuan Li but after feeding it some power now I can realise the potential of the product. In this review let’s see how this thing sounds and compares against the competitors.

SOURCE: iPhone + Zorloo Ztella + Zen Can


The low end in the Yuan Li is what i describe to be the accurate or precise. The control, weight and the texture are very good but the thing that locks in the low end are the depth and weight. Of Course these can be mostly seen in only the basshead level earphones but still a slight improvement in these areas would have made this earphone my great pick overall.

The bass here is pretty linear and balanced, from the sub bass to the mid bass the transition is smooth and linear. The bass is clean and doesn’t bleed into the midrange. The control and the texture are exceptional for the price. The sub bass only calls when the track call for it, especially in the track “TAKE IT – SEIGE”, the sub bass drop can be felt evidently but in the track “WHY DO WE FALL – HANS ZIMMER”, here the sub bass presence is very light and thin. The Yuan Li wont give you that rumble type of sub bass instead it would be very clean and minimal.

The mid bass is pretty good too. The overall background of the Yuan li is slightly warmer due to that nice mid bass presence. It gives that essential body and warmth to the midrange and vocals. The kick drums feel very tighter and the timbre is very natural and realistic. In the track “OUT FOR BLOOD – SUM 41”, the kick drums and the electric guitar presence is portrayed very well and especially the timbre of the instruments are very realistic and natural but as i told before it lacks in the weight and the depth of the bass. It’s good but it lacks that energy. It’s pretty good for a midcentric earphone and overall the low end is pretty satisfying. Being a complex track the Yuan Li was able to bring out some great separation and clarity in the low end. Yeah the Yuan Li can handle the faster and complex tracks well.


The midrange in the Yuan Li is the star show here. The vocals especially have that nice tonality and they appear completely natural overall. The warmth of the mid bass continues along with the vocals making them very pleasant to listen to and the tonality is the best aspect here which is pretty natural.

The lower mids are very nice to listen to. The male vocals especially have that nice body and warmth overall and the fullness in the vocals can be clearly appreciated. Especially in the track “EVERY LITTLE THING – ERIC CLAPTON”, his voice sounds very natural and the fullness is very much nice. The mid bass linearly continues along with the lower mid giving that smooth transition.

In another track “BLOWER’S DAUGHTER – DAMIEN RICE”, his voice is the same again with near to natural sounding along with that natural timbre of those instruments. The guitar and the piano notes sound very smooth and clean.

For female vocals, in the track “BLANK SPACE – TAYLOR SWIFT”, her voice sounds non-sibilant and very natural. The upper mid region has no sort of harshness and sounds pretty smooth with natural tonality.

The instrument separation and the detail retrieval are above average. In the track “SULTANS OF SWING – DIRE STRAITS”, the guitar string separation is presented very well and the detail retrieval is really good for the price. The transition of the instruments from channel to channel appears very smooth and cohesive.

The texture, separation and the detail retrieval are very good in the Yuan Li especially in the midrange section. The tonality and timbre are exceptional too. Overall I'm pretty impressed with Yuan Li in the Midrange.


The treble in the Yuan Li is average in my opinion where they show the roll off evidently thus the sparkle in the top end can't be expected. The trade off gave the smoothness to the Yuan Li thus making this a very good pair for non fatiguing listening. The treble clarity and smoothness is top notch while the details and the extension drops out a bit.

In the track “JACK OF SPEED – STEELY DAN '', the clarity is nice and the instruments are well separated and the layering is also good. The transition of the instruments appears great but the thing is the sparkle and openness! The Yuan Li sounds slightly darker or warmer in background thus the sparkle and the open sounding nature is lacking here. They sound slightly intimate and rounded rather than wider. Overall it's very good but could have been great if the background is slightly brighter and open sounding.

In another track “DREAMS – FLEETWOOD MAC”, the cymbal crashes are very good and smooth. The attack and the decay are precise thus they don’t sound harsh or sibilant rather its very smooth sounding and pleasant.

In another track “MR.BRIGHTSIDE – THE KILLERS '', it's a very complex track where a lot of instruments are played in the background even then Yuan Li was able to portray the separation at best and the overall clarity is presented very well.



SOUNDSTAGE: The staging of the Yuan Li is not the widest but it's well rounded and not that intimate. The vocal placement is done mostly forward and the presentation is average in staging. The height is good with average depth. If the sub bass reach is a little bit more than the depth of the staging could have been made better.

IMAGING: The imaging is pretty clean and precise. The instruments can be easily pointed out since the presentation is smooth and clear. The sweeping of the instruments from one channel to the other is pretty smooth and the transition is done very well.

The detail retrieval and the resolution are above average for the price. The coherent sound of the Yuan Li is what makes this a special among its competitors. It just does everything good rather than excelling in one aspect and compromising the other.


Yuan Li, the latest flagship and the only offering from the emerging chifi audio brand TFORCE is a good starter mid tier package for the audiophiles out there. From the aspect of the build to the sound they got you! The sound is very good for the price especially if you love the vocals and the midrange then this is the pair you need to get. It demands some power though but if you feed them then it will show its true potential. The balanced addictive sound has a nice and smooth midrange which is the biggest strength of this earphone. The neutral tonality of this earphone is another big strength.

The tonality and the timbre are another exceptional aspect of this earphone where they are very natural and realistic. A slight brightness and the wider soundstage could have been better but overall this still sounds very good for the price. The coherent sound is very addictive to listen to and the smoothness it provides is just at the level of peak!




New Head-Fier
Pros: 1. Great Build Quality
2. Rich Accessories
3. Easy to drive
4. Punchy bass
5. Full bodied vocal
6. Smooth treble
Cons: 1. Not that wide horizontal soundstage
2. Bass can be less for my own preference
3. Slightly sibilant with hi-hat sound in some songs
I am an earphone enthusiast from Hong Kong, and love to surf some headfi forums in my local community. There are tons of threads regarding this IEM, T force Audio Li Yuan, which triggers me to purchase it from Taobao. Its price range is about 120 usd.

Key Info of Li Yuan:
⁃ 10mm Single Dynamic Driver (DLC Diaphragm)
⁃ 2-pin 0.78mm Connectors
⁃ 6N OCC Copper Cable

⁃ MOOV (Music Streaming Service in HK)
⁃ iPhone
⁃ Hakugei Adapter (C100 MFI Licensed Chips)


⁃ With KBEAR 07 eartips, and 40-hour burn-in.
⁃ Scalability: The lower bound of Li Yuan’s performance is high, which it’s okay to drive using a iPhone with adapter. When it is well-driven, it can has a better detail retrieval, and less congested on complex tracks.
⁃ Bass: Punchy and well-textured, which I prefer its quantity can slightly be decreased. Also, the drum sounds elastic.
⁃ Vocal: Strength of Li Yuan, forward and full bodied. Its performance of male vocals is better than that of female vocals. The sibilance is not that noticeable.
⁃ Treble: Smooth, and these instruments (piano, violin, or guitar) will not be too prominent. Yet, it has a slightly sibilant sound in some songs (with hi-hat).
⁃ Details retrieval, soundstage, and separation are average, when compared with similar-priced products.

Comparison with NF Audio NM2:
⁃ The sound signature of NM2 is V-shaped tuning, which emphasizes on bass and treble extension. Its strengths are better details retrieval, as well as a wider horizontal soundstage. While the weakness is vocal thickness, especially male vocal is quite thin.
⁃ The sound signature of Li Yuan is vocal-focused, and it will not sound dull, because of the sufficient bass impact and quantity, also some treble extension. When compared with NM2, Li Yuan’s horizontal soundstage is narrower, a similar details retrieval, and a less bass impact. In short, it can provide a fatigue-free experience to users.

Although Li Yuan is positioned as entry-level (which is priced around 120 usd), it uses aluminum housing, as well as rich accessories, including leather case and copper cable. Also, its tuning is quite fun and engaging, with a warm tonality, vocal focused, sufficient bass impact and quantity, and bright treble. In my opinion, Li Yuan is suitable to those who are new to this hobby.


Headphoneus Supremus
hitting the "Sweet Spot"
Pros: Extremely balanced
Excellent width
Great timbre
Very well tuned single DD
Cons: Not really
Review unit sent by T-Force.

audio sell-4.jpg

T Force Yuan Li is the first set from T Force. I initially did not have any expectation on this set. Though, it actually blew me away with the tuning and how great it is. This set belongs to a few rare IEMs that I actually adore. Something that is very easy to listen and carry the emotion that I like it to have.

Source: SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK2 + iFi xCan

Signature: Balance

bass: A-
Nimble with density. Doesn't dig into the sub but has enough overall bass to be punchy and fun. This is not a basshead set either as I think the overall harmonic is balanced and non of them being annoyingly dip or peak. The speed of the overall attack is moderate to above average. The decay doesn't linger and this is the trait to have to counter the mids section.

mids: S-
Full and meaty without being bloaty. Probably one of the perfect note weights I've heard to date sitting with higher end sets. It is nowhere thick nor thin. Deliver with excellent lifelike timbre and perfect weight.

vocals: S
This is the one of the best I've heard. It has the lifelike DD timbre, correct note weight, sounds perfect all across male to female vocals, even on compressed tracks. No glare or grain. Vocal is fully textured and well separated from overall frequency (no bloat) but well blend with the instruments. Meaning it is coherent and at the same time no bloat. Yuan Li can be one of the top performers for someone who seeks for an analog vocal without being muddy nor overly smooth.

Highs: A
very smooth and quite extended. No weird artifacts or grain that usually from a DD. Liquid sound as it flows beautifully. Could be a bit too smooth for someone who is treble head but I find myself liking this a lot.


Oxygen has a lot more energy up top. Vocals do sound sweeter on oxygen but Yuan Li can sound more euphoric as you dial up the volume even better. Oxygen can sound shouty in comparison and Yuan Li is more balanced across the sound spectrum. Detail wise probably a little edge on Oxygen but don't expect much. Yuan Li has an edge regarding width and depth

It is obvious that I like Yuan Li. It has the signature that is very rare to see in this era of bright and bassy IEMs. T-Force meanwhile tuned the Yuan Li to be balance. I could pledge this set to be one of the sets that I like to recommend if you are someone who likes balanced signature with lifelike timbre. The vocals do shine on this set!

audio sell-6.jpg
audio sell-7.jpg
audio sell-5.jpg
@Zerstorer_GOhren It is a beautiful set. Considering its price, i think it is safe blind buy for sure! Thanks didnt expect that!
@misteral201103 I personally love this set :)
This and the Whizzer Kylin HE03AL did impress when I demoed them at the store. The Yuan Li in particular have this very fast highly resolving imaging capability, that makes you wonder if it's really 1DD and at this price too. No gaps, glare, or roughness found. Inoffensive, very good technically rarely found in DD (more often in BAs). Vocals positioning is also well-centered, and not too forward. It's fun finding hidden gems like these from time to time
@ranfan in the sea of chifi with v shape, bright, bassy, vdsf, Yuan Li appears to be on top with its balanced tuning. Impressed so much! Easy rec
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