Superlux HD-631 DJ Stereo Headphones - dynamic, closed-back, neodymium magnet, 101dB SPL, 40...

Superlux HD-631

  • Superlux HD-631 DJ Stereo Headphones - dynamic, closed-back, neodymium magnet, 101dB SPL, 40 Ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 3000mW, coiled cable, thomann up to 3m cable with stereo mini-jack and 1/4" jack adapter. Weight (excluding cable): 260g. Colour: Black

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  1. Sharingan
    A great sound for the price
    Written by Sharingan
    Published Dec 16, 2014
    Pros - Great Value, Long Lasting, Looks Cool, Nice Bass, Sufficiently Comfortable
    Cons - No Adjustment Options, Bass Might be too Much for Some, Price may Change, Leaky
    I am pretty amazed by this headphone. This being my first serious headphone purchase, I have felt satisfied from beginning to end by this headphone. Using this headphone nearly daily for the past five months, I am surprised a headphone that cost me $45 had last this long.
    This headphone is the wonderful value. I was surprised that I had really gotten a headphone this good for $45 and continue to be surprised 5 months later, and don't feel uncomfortable running around with this headphone in fear of breaking it, as it will not break the bank to buy another one.
    Speaking of 5 months, I am surprised a pair of headphones this cheap had really lasted me 5 months, as I heavily use and abuse my headphones. Even my pair of Turtle Beach headphones, which I used for gaming had only last me about 3 months before breaking.
    This headphone looks pretty cool. With the glossy silver and plastic black design, this headphone looks decently snazzy, and quite a nice looking design.
    The bass on this headphone is great for listening to music such as Electronic, Alternative and Pop, which is the main music I have listened to using this headphone, however could possibly be a bit overpowering for genres that aren't intended to have bass so loud.
    This headphone is comfortable enough, but nothing special. Probably not for someone with an "ultra sensitive head"
    This headphone has skimped out any sort of adjustment on the left and right earcups, which makes for a bit of a "loose fit" which may slip off your ears and cause sound leakage.
    These have gone up in price since I bought them 5 months ago. As of December 16th, 2014 these headphones cost $68 on Amazon, which is about $20 more expensive than it was before. $20 is a big deal for a headphone this cheap. 
    Overall, I have enjoyed these headphones greatly for all the time I have owned these headphones, and I would recommend these for anyone who wants a nice, cheap, fun pair of headphones.


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