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The first SR-Lambda series was introduced 36 years ago and it has further developed into a new-generation SR-Lambda with its newly designed enclosure - the new SR-L700 advanced-Lambda series Earspeaker.

The SR-009 hand selected thin-film diaphragm as well as fixed electrodes machined through three-layer stainless etching using heat diffusion has been employed for the SR-L700 sound element. Thus, rich deep bass response, delicate high frequency and soothing mid-range has been achieved in a balanced sound.

The headband (ARC) assembly of the SR-L700 is equipped with 10-click slider mechanism for head pad height adjustment adopted from SR-009. Once adjusted, the slider always maintains its optimal position to make readjustment unnecessary. This enables you to enjoy hours of pleasant music listening with utmost comfort.

6NCu high purity 99.99999% copper wires are employed for the core wires, and six silver plated high purity 99.9999% copper wires are arranged for the perimeter. The whole cable uses the conventional wide format parallel structure to lower the capacitance between each wires and finished with the most suitable structure to drive the earspeaker.

New earpad design is carefully hand crafted with genuine lamb leather for utmost comfort for hours of music enjoyment as well as sound performance.

Type :push-Pull Open Back Oval Electrostatic Earspeaker Headphone
Frequency Response :7 - 41,000Hz
Electrostatic Capacitance :110pF (including cable)
Impedance :145k Ω (including cable, at 10kHz)
Sound Pressure Sensitivity :101dB / 100V r.m.s. 1 kHz
Maximum Sound Pressure :118dB / 400Hz
Bias Voltage :580V DC
Left & Right Identification
:"L" and "R" indicated on the arc assembly
Left channel cable is marked with a solid line.
Right channel is marked with a dotted line.
Ear Pads :Genuine Lamb Leather (direct skin contact), high-quality synthetic leather (surrounding portion)
Cable :Silver-coated 6N (99.9999%) OFC parallel 6-strand, low-capacity special wide cable, 2.5m full length
Weight :0.8lb without cable / 1.1lb with cable

Latest reviews

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing
I was looking for a headphone that I could listen to continuously throughout the day and get me through college without any fatigue.

The Stax SR-L700 are being run by a Stax SRM-252II and a Schiit Modi 2 (with my eyes on a MHDT Lab Orchid DAC). The SRM-252II drives them more than loud enough, there isn’t any distortion at high volumes nor any channel imbalance. I also listen to pretty much every genre and they work well with it all (I actually appreciate rap producers alot more now with these headphones, as there is alot more going on in the background production-wise than I thought).

The build is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be. Just be careful as you should with any headphones and they’ll last you a lifetime.

Honestly I was unimpressed for the first two days that I had the SR-L700, but then as I got to listening to more and more music I realized that they are in fact amazing. You simply cannot imagine the treble; it is so different from any other headphone. It is so non-fatiguing as there is no resonance to excite the treble in music. The same occurs with the bass, there is no distortion to produce any form of resonance, so everything just comes off very smooth, non-fatiguing and clear. These headphones can seem a bit bass-light, lean, and lacking impact, but I honestly think it makes it more fatigue-free that way. Between the lack of air being forced into your ears, there being no ringing at all, and the sound being almost too fast, you simply don’t get auditory fatigue. Add the fact that they are very comfortable, and you have a headphone that you can listen to all day without any discomfort.

The smoothness and lack of impact will definately turn many off of these headphones, as they lack the slam and texture of other headphones. Even with my very basic amp/dac setup, these headphones are fatigue-free. I am simply looking towards the MHDT dac to give more body and dimensionality to the sound (essentially making digital more analog-sounding). They are also not forward, so everything gets pushed back just enough for you to stretch out, breathe, relax, and take in.

They are super clear and allowed me to hear ALOT of things I never heard before in my playlists, and the imaging and soundstage are pretty good. They remind me alot of my JBL LSR308’s; they are that smooth and natural sounding. The thing though, is that they are so revealing that I can hear all the errors in the music when it comes to the production side of things, like tape malfunctions, overloaded levels, off-centered vocals, etc, and that can get a little annoying (it makes you realize just how rare a genuinely well-produced and dynamic recording really is).

To sum this up, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that are fatigue-free, comfortable, super clear, and thus enjoyable, these are the way to go.
Pros: informative, affordable high end.
Cons: poor bass, a bit bright, plastic yokes do break
My sister brought me some Stax SR-L700 mk1 from Japan. I combine it with a SRM T1-S energizer, and an Ayre QB-9 24/96 for the nice records of Qobuz-Studio. I quit the Gumby for a better Dac. The old Ayre is better than new Schiit it seems. It is a good thing that Stax produced the aluminum yokes of the L700 mk 2. I once broke the plastic yokes of the mk 1. Even without letting them fall from a height. With the L700 I am able to enjoy the better recording quality of modern record studios. But, like the SR- 009, the L700 needs a too expensive energizer. I don't like spending 3000 euro to Mjolnir Audio. My solution for the future upgrade is eBay. For 1100 euro you can buy a 100 Volt SRM 007tA, taxes excluded. Then I can use a stepdown adaptor since I start with 230 Volt. Energizers can easily be more expensive than a budget is large. But I can enjoy some music with the T1-S.

I compared the Stax with the Hifiman Ananda. In a shop. I liked the Ananda with hires new recordings, but I disliked the old remastered hires Ella & Louis. The treble was too sharp. No fun. At home with Stax, Ella & Louis hires sounded nice to my ears. The Ananda is a cheaper headphone; perhaps I can hear it is too cheap. The Stax does not play the deepest bass very well. Maybe with a better energizer, I could hear more low.

At Qobuz-Studio there is a lot of hires, not only Diana Krall. I don’t mind Diana Krall though.

Today the Beyerdynamic T1 gen. 2 was in the mail. (Second hand, no breaking in). Not to begin with buying a Woo WA2 or a Feliks Audio Elise or Euforia, I had bought the Schiit Valhalla 2. And I had to warm up the tubes a bit before the T1 sounded any good. The L700 sounds more transparent in the treble, more informative, but the bass of the T1 is more there. Still although the T1 is lovely, the music is farther away from the listener. Is the L700 too bright? It is a bit brighter than the T1. The amp situation is also a point, how much am I judging the amps? Nice cans, I guess I like them both.

Best wishes Yoram
Hey Yoram, nice review. I just wanted to say that I have the L700 and T1S amp too, and the weak bass issue is actually due to a lack of seal in the headphones, rather than a driver power deficiency. You can fix this with silicone putty (eg, Blu-tack) in a ring around the drivers, underneath the ear pads. Like this: (only fully sealed in a ring).
Addendum: The acoustic seal is key to avoiding a roll-off in the low end, as a leak will increase diaphragm resonance, cutting off sound at those lower frequencies. Give it a shot, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Pros: Perfect treble, spot on vocals, impeccable mids.
Cons: Plastic build and electrostat bass
I have never owned a pair of STAX or any electrostatic headphones or iems prior. I had the opportunity to hear the best available at Can Jam LA 2017. After hearing the MrSpeakers Electrostat, Sennheiser Orpheus, Sonoma, and STAX sr-009, sr-007, L-700, L-500, L-300 on the Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition. I was set on buying a pair of L-700's, which I am wearing right now! I am using a Headamp Koss DX Edition electrostatic amplifier.

I have owned and had a chance to listen to numerous dynamic driver and planar magnetic headphones, such as the Focal Utopia/ Elear, Hifiman Susvara, Hek/v2, Abyss 1266/ phi, HD800/s, Sony z1r, Pioneer SE-M1, and Audeze LCD-4.

With that being said, the only thing that the L-700 loses on is the lack of bass response compared to planar magnetic and dynamic driver headphones. In every other aspect, the Stax L-700 beats every pair of headphones in tonality and musicality.

I personally Used EQ to improve the bass response to make up for the lack of bass. I also attached Mrspeakers Electrostat pads onto the stock brackets with bass ports unblocked. The size of the pads are identical to the Sennheiser Orpheus dimensions.

I listen to every genre you can imagine, the only sonic imperfection is the lack of bass that is improved with EQ and the Mrspeakers ear pads. The soundstage also increases with the electrostat earpads too. Having heard the Sr-009/007 side-by-side, I would still take the L-700 over them due to their price vs performance bargain. They beat out the sr- 007 and aren't far off from the famed sr-009. I personally sold my other headphones and am completely satisfied with the L-700!

18121874_441697212846992_5468188287047000267_o.jpg IMG_20170512_110148.jpg IMG_20170512_110315.jpg IMG_20170509_134749.jpg

Just a sample of the tracks used to evaluate measurements.


신해철 (Shin HaeChul) - 일상으로의 초대


The Cross - Don't Cry

런일은"_화요비 -

Gummy(거미) _ The only thing I can't do(해줄 수 없는 일)


宇多田ヒカル - Be My Last

YUI - Good-bye days (


張雨生-口是心非 官方 (

Ann白安 - 是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你What brings me to you (

張信哲 過火 (

優客李林 Ukulele - 不知所措 (

G.E.M. - 泡沫 (


Harp: Lavinia Meijer - Koyaanisqatsi (

Catrin Finch - Bach (

Piano: Alice Sara Ott - Grieg – To Spring (Lyric Pieces Book III) - Wonderland (

Yuja Wang Plays Schubert and Liszt (

Violin: Esther Yoo plays Sibelius’ Violin Concerto in D minor (

Paganini Violin Concerto No. 1 Hilary Hahn

Ukulele: Taimane - Battle ( Acoustic Live!) (

Eagles - Hotel California (

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (

王若琳 Joanna Wang - Let's Start from Here

The Traveler - Joe Satriani

Sound of Silence - Susan Wong

Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye

Boston - Boston

Aerosmith's Greatest Hits

Gun's N' Roses - Knockin On Heavens Door

Robert Miles - Children

Paul van Dyk - For An Angel 2009
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From my experience with L700, I agree most of the reviews but I don't think this can lacks bass. It just sounds different because it's so fast. Personally, I prefer bass sound of electrostat over dynamic cans due to its fine bass texture.