Spirit Torino Twin Pulse


Headphoneus Supremus
No peaks, no shoutiness, polite lower treble.
Pros: Euphonic
Outdoor live venue presentation (think HD650)
Organic sound
Cons: Polite in the metallic lower treble area.
Vocals and upper-mids are not as forward as people may be used to.

I own a upgraded version of the Spirit Torino Twin Pulse turned into a Ragnar special edition (upgraded by the company for the last owner).

They fit well and have no strong clamps. I wish the headband had a lohb strap, but that is merely my preference.

The bass has a linear bass that is very good for an openback. It won't extend as forward in the subbass as a closed back. If you add a subbass high shelf the extension of the subbass becomes really noticeable.

The Twin Pulse mids are still present enough to to work with hollowed voice tracks like heavy metal. But they are definitely not forward, nor shouty.

I noticed they can go pretty loud with no noticeable resonance problems or peaks. This is the biggest surprise. Increasing volume doesn't make them more fun.

Compared to my Seinhesser hd800s, the Twin Pulse are trebled with as far in extension, but are tame with no annoying peak in the lower treble metallic involving FR area; very good for long term listening. But arguably too polite here for some people. Twin Pulse don't have that super-airy far away speaker sound of the Hd800S. Nor are they painful. Twin Pulse is more an HD650 euphonic outdoor live venue kind of sound.

If I eq the treble up on the Twin Pulse it quickly becomes simbilant. So while it seems smooth, it isn't recessed and barely a bump gets it there.

Tracks that I know will hurt my head on the hd800s, become tolerable on the Twin Pulse.


A tamed treble with great extension headphone that'll work for most genres. Are peakless studio monitors. Why monitors? Cause in terms of techs, they behave less like a dynamic driver that has some level of excursion (ie. Focals), but resolve a little too quickly for me liking (ie, HD800S but even more than the HD800S).

Quite beautiful.

Huge ear cups made to be over-ears, not like a Grado's on-ear system. Alcantara material earpads. Replacing them is expensive.
You can see the beautiful custom Nhoord Red driver used revealing itself.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: - fast, deep and controlled bass range
- balanced and natural sound
- Technological innovation (Twin Isobaric system) not only on paper
Cons: - Not the lightest heaaphone on the market
Spirit Torino Twin Pulse Ragnarr

Spirit Torino - Twin Pulse.jpg

Hi, everybody,

I want to share my thoughts about the Twin Pulse headphones by Spirit Torino, which I own since about a year but that have been recently updated (the last mod is linked with the holes on the pads in the picture); a brief introduction about the manufacturer, is relatively young on the commercial level, but the creative genius of Andrea Ricci, the technical father of all Spirit headphones, has many years of experience with headphones, full of studies, experiments and developments even risky to most people, but then they brought often to insights never seen on the headphones market before, one of these is the twin isobaric system, technology behind the top-of-the-range Twin Pulse model.
This headphone still today is for me a continuous discovery, of solidity and sound extension never found before, whose construction is handmade, then cared for in details and is customizable in many combinations, to such an extent
that you can make it almost unique.
Since it is with me I have had the opportunity to use it with very varied music, with both acoustic and amplified instruments, soft and more intimate music, such as trio or vocal jazz and chamber music, but also impressive, imposing
like ac/dc rock or big jazz bands and orchestras.
Well I've had about 30 or so headphones, some of them expensive too, but compared to the Twin they look like toys; it's a headphone that approaches music in a professional way, it almost seems to have been developed with the support of musicians, is not at all pimply, it returns in all its completeness the sound message that comes from the source and, what is fundamental for me, without any coloration, in the domain of neutrality.
This is a headphone that gives the impression of never getting into trouble, even if you put in the effort, has a depth, speed, transparency and bass control that together I had never heard in other headphones,
but not even in high quality loudspeakers, associated with very refined, delicate and detailed mid frequencies, but never disconnected from the other sound frequencies, the concepts on the mid frequencies can also be transferred to the high frequencies, the latter often critical and disappointing in the headphones I've had in the past, because, I understand from experience, it's not easy in terms of the final result to keep them in line with the low and mid frequencies, so neither forward nor backward, neither too bright nor too blunt.
Ultimately, these are headphones that I defined in two words balanced and neutral, the circus maie don't live here.
By virtue of these characteristics these headphones, especially if the chain upstream is of quality, can give hours of pleasant and lasting listening, they are addictive and the only ones at risk of giving in are their own ears.
If you think it cannot compete with superior brands of fame, blazon and history, get organized to listen to them, give them a chance, they will surprise you.

Another question, what is the seperate clip that is behind my ear cups? Is that supposed to be insude my ear cushions? Or just a barrier between the ear cups and the aluminum?
Great review..I've been considering the Radiante but there aren't a lot of reviews out there.
I don't have enough for these but I'm strongly considering getting the Super Leggera. There's not many reviews or impressions on them but the few I found I like what I heard.