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Soundmagic hp151

  1. lumberjake
    Under rated. Very good.
    Written by lumberjake
    Published Jun 17, 2019
    Pros - Soundstage, detail, imaging, price.
    Cons - Build and mids could be a bit more forward.
    I had the original hp100 and now these, essentially the same but with some minor structural and aesthetic improvements.
    I would say the most impressive is it soundstage and imaging, its really quite good especially for the price and that it's closed. This also improves its detail as everything has room.
    The bass is powerful. Sub bass is better than most and it's quite accurate, the bass is a bit less forward when compared to the sub bass but not weak at all. Due to the light sealed build it gives a visceral bass experiance that it really fun. If you are a bass head, I would recommend these, just eq the bass to taste. Electronica is bliss with these headphones. In fact I would argue these are the best combination of fun and detailed edm headphones out there. Super immersive.
    Mids are its weakness but not bad by any means, just that some guitar and vocals can sound distant when compared to the rest. It's hard for me to put my finger on exactly but it's almost like if you had right left and center channels, the center seems a bit further away than the right and left. This is kinda the effect but don't let this turn you away because, for the money, these really are great.
    The treble is sweet. It's sparkle full yet never simbilant. Dunno how but you get all the shimmer without pain, it's quite the feit.
    Just listened to Hans Zimmer Batman and it's a treat. These headphones do bombastic like no ones business.
    I find these quite comfortable, some find the cups shallow. They are light weight.
    The biggest negative is the plastic Y section to the cups. I had this crack in earlier models and the design still looks the same but I inserted gorilla glue inside the hollowed seam that runs along it to add strength. Just in case.
    I own Focal Elex, Grado 325e, Massdrop plus iem, far more expensive yet I still come back to these cheap Chinese for some fun pounding bass and honestly am not completely wanting for detail. That says a lot considering I paid just $140 Canadian.
    Incredible bargain.
  2. NickedWicked
    Excellent affordable all-rounder
    Written by NickedWicked
    Published Oct 30, 2017
    Pros - Neutral sound signature with slight extension in the highs and and lows, fixed the hinge breaking issues that the HP150 had
    Cons - Slightly uncomfortable after an hour or 2, build quality quite squeaky and plastic-y, sometimes a little bit treble aggressive in the highs, (female) vocals slightly thin sounding
    So this will my first review here on Head-Fi, I found this little gem while looking up some reviews of a Sony MDRV6 where a forum member said in a thread that the Chinese soundMAGIC HP150/151 exceeded all his expectations for the price, so I Iooked it up and it seemed the HP150 and HP151 were both very underrated, all reviews I managed to find were very positive about the headphones except for the HP150 which had some hinge-breaking issues that got fixed with the release of the HP151 which from my knowledge doesn't exhibit any driver changes.

    Build quality:

    They had to make some sacrifices here, black plastic everywhere, squeaky when moving around but doesn't really bother me in my opinion.

    Comfy and soft pleather on the headband and the cups, the cups have some padding, but your ears tend to touch the driver material and which does get a bit uncomfortable after an hour or 2.

    The headband can be stretched quite a bit and there's a really nice touch with numbers on the the metal to indicate how much they're being stretched, also a nice color indicator on the left (blue) and right (red) to know what way to wear them.

    And lastly is the cable, which is a proprietary one, I heard a lot of negative stuff about them but I don't really mind them especially since they're easily replaceable now on soungMAGIC's site, gold-layered, has a snake-like feel to them and locks nicely in place and feels very sturdy overall.

    Overall I really like the aesthetics of the headphones themselves.

    Sound Quality:

    Here's where things get interesting, I've heard quite some headphones from the likes of Sennheiser, Harman Kardon, Audeze, Sony, Audeze and Focal just to name a few, but these are really impressive considering their price.

    Overall they're considered balanced which the mysterious Chinese company shows with quite a bit pride on their package, graph included, and I tend to agree, however the low-end and high-end response have some extra extension, which as a result has a really nice thump and impact to most songs, and some added clarity and a bit of sparkle in the highs. The mids are really nice and crisp as well, but gets a little bit pushed back sometimes depending on the track material I feed it, this is a nitpick however because the mids are decent in general.

    Really easy to power as well, sounds amazing with a phone or a laptop, but can sing a bit more when juiced up with a decent amplifier and DAC.

    Goes well with all kinds of genre's, can push out decent clarity and resolution when presented with classical, acoustic music, bass-heavy tracks whether it be soul or funk or something heavier like hip-hop or house can really pop after a bit of burn-in thanks to the 53mm drivers and closed back design and of course the excellent tuning, my only notice is that especially female vocals are slightly thin sounding sounding but is fixed mostly by adding a nice standalone headamp, it which makes it sound fuller.

    In short these headphones are great! Nothing less, if you can live with the build quality you'll get a pair of well-rounded headphones that IMO rivals most $200+ headphones.
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