SoundMAGIC A10 Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black)

General Information

A true high-fidelity headphone amplifier, the SoundMAGIC A10 reproduces audio with outstanding clarity and low noise. Its helps expand soundstage for spaciousness and precise positioning. The A10 can be used for neutral playback, or enhanced with powerful 4dB bass boost for additional energy and impact. Used with either high impedance or low sensitivity headphones, the A10 allow these difficult-to-drive headphones to be used with any portable music source.

The A10 is small, easy to carry, and the volume knob is easy to use without looking. The built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery offers 10+ hours of playback on a single charge. Charging is done through a convenient mini-USB port.
- Working voltage: 4.2 V
- Working current: 100 mA
- Continuous operating time: >=10 hours
- Charging voltage: 5 V
- Charging current: 500mA
- Input impedance: >=10K ohms
- Maximum input level: -6dBV (RMS)
- Output load impedance: 16-300 ohms
- Maximum output level: 1.6V (at 33ohms (RMS))
- Maximum Output Power: 70mW (33Ω)
- Frequency response: 0 ~ 1.5MHz
- Stereo Balance: =100dB
- Signal to Noise Ratio: >=106dB
- T.H.D:


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