Soundavo HP-DAC1

General Information

Soundavo HP-DAC1:

TI PCM1754 24-Bit 192-kHz DAC & PCM1808 24-Bit 96-kHz ADC chips for low-noise, high-fidelity stereo definition sound. Plus a S/PDIF output supports digital surround multichannel formats such as AC3 / DTS.
Built-in high-performace headphone amplifier (32 - 600 Ohm headphone impedance recommended)

Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+/-0.5 dB)
SN ratio: -95dB (A-wtd) / Line Output
Max. Line Output Level : 4.2 Vrms (THD <1%)
Line Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion: Line Input <0.01% / Digital Input <0.05%
Headphone Output Level: 0.1% THD 1KHz 32mW (32 ohm)
Power Supply AC Adaptor: DC 15V / 0.8A / 12W
Dimension (W x H X D): 150 x 57 x 141mm
Weight: Approx. 900g

Latest reviews

Pros: A great value for the amount of performance your getting, a convenient all in one factor
A bunch of input output options.
Cons: Only comes in silver no black option (honestly I like either colors) Front face-plate ridge might not stack well with other brands. otherwise I really can't think of much to not love this HPDAC1

I'm going to start off with the the usual .. This unit was provided for testing and review and as all my followers know I do not get influenced by this and I will not review a product I can't find something to like.

The packaging was more than adequate and it was well protected for its journey here.

Build: The HP-DAC1 has an impressive solid build and a intuitive design far beyond its price point. The box/ shell is not overly large and fits into my desktop setup very nice. The aluminum box has a simple yet pleasing look in a soft aluminum finish with easy to read lettering for the buttons and IO. The volume attenuation is as smooth as butter The IO input and out puts are plentiful and the HP actually has more of them than pricier units I’ve had a pleasant surprise.

Specifications from the manual:
S/PDIF playback resolution : 24 bit / 96 kHz (max.)
USB playback & recording resolutions : 16/24 bit @ 32 / 44.1 / 48 / 96 kHz
Frequency response : 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
SNR : -95 dB (A-weighted) / line our (RCA)
Max. line output level : 7.5 Vrms (THD <1 %)
Line output impedance : 100 Ω
THD : Line input < 0.01 % / Digital input < 0.05%
Headphone output level : 1% THD @ 1 kHz (max.), 224 mW (32Ω), 241 mW (56Ω), 130 mW (300Ω), 76 mW (600Ω)
Operating Voltage : 15 V DC / 0.4 A / 6 W

The device allows a plethora of connections including

The ability to Connect via USB in from a PC and use on-board amp to listen to headphones via the jack.
The ability to connect by USB in from a PC but use this purely as a DAC and use the
The ability to connect by USB in from a PC but use this purely as a DAC and use the Optical output to another amp note you do not need the supplied power pack to do this
The ability to connect by the Analog RCA inputs and use on-board amp to listen to your headphones via the jack.
The ability to connect by the Analog RCA inputs and use this purely as a volume control and use Analog outputs to another Amplifier
The ability to connect by Optical input and use on-board amp to listen to the headphones output jack.
The ability to connect by the Optical input but use this purely as a DAC and use the Analog RCA output to another amp (volume pot will control volume of this output.

The device comes with a USB cord and a power pack that is non proprietary so it could be easily replaced.. this I like very much as I’ve had many others use a strange plug and its nearly impossible to find a replacement for those. Well done here Soundavo

Performance and sound:

I have put in many hours now on this DAC Amplifier combo enough to know the sound intimately. As strictly a DAC this is very transparent and natural sounding DAC that provides great details and a wide accurate soundstage.

Mostly the unit was used as its combination stand alone via the USB and Optical inputs. I found its sound to have a great detail from the lows to the highs everything was clear and even at higher volumes sounded very good. I was impressed by this coming from a THX amp. The unit was tested with MP3 to Flac files , streaming Spottily, Connected to gaming systems and my TV’s optical out for movies and Nintendo Switch games all of which I found this unit to surpass what I was expecting in clarity and a good amount of power without distortion. I found the HP-DAC1 to make my AKG M200 PRO’S sound real phenomenal where as on my AUNE combo the highs were very harsh with some songs the HP-DAC1 was balanced and very enjoyable. After hours everyday of use it should be noted the unit even running planar headphones did not get hot or even warm the outside was room temperature the whole time, I also found this impressive as the liquid spark got quite toasty just doing nothing.


This is a amazing value DAC/ Amp that offers a good performance and power ratio, impressive options and has a nice simple industrial style that fits in any decor or with other equipment or looks great by itself. I like the controls and tastefully light-up buttons, I absolutely can recommend this for someone in need of a DAC with built in Amplifier that wants a great value product.


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Someone mentioned on the Hifiman Arya thread that he experienced popping. Experience anything similar in your observations?
Wretched Stare
Wretched Stare
I haven't had any similar experience with a variety of headphones on my HP-DAC1.


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