1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Pre Set Equalizer
Small Charging Case
Noise Cancellation
Cons: Low Latency is not supported
Could be a little bit cheaper
Personally I am using Campfire Audio Nova (with Effect Audio Eros II) and my Opus #3 for daily usage. This WF-SP700N is purchased for sports usage - gym and running. This is not a sponsor review but a good recommendation and advice for those who are looking for a sports truly wireless earbuds.

It is retailing at SGD299 in Singapore.


This is all the accessories in the box:
1 x USB charging cable
4 x Silicon Eartips (XS, S, M and L)
2 x Ear hooks (M and L)
1 x Charging case

Physical Appearance + Specifications

The charging case is small and handy. You can put it in your pocket without any difficulties. It holds 2 charges (~6 hours).


The earbuds sit well in the charging case. The playback hour is 3 hours and total on-the-go playtime is 9 hours (6+3=9 hours). This earbuds support SBC and AAC codec. After first time pairing, whenever you remove the buds from the charging case, it will pair automatically with your phone (provided your phone's Bluetooth is turned on). A very user friendly earbuds.


The fitting of a truly wireless earbuds is very subjective. For this earbuds, only the nozzle part goes into your ears so it could potentially fit all well (I am using a Final Audio E series tips to get better seal).

Bass -
This is extra bass series from Sony - the bass is very powerful but it does not bleed towards other frequency region within the spectrum. Deep and punchy that can kick your ass when you are working out. Your heartbeat might go faster with the bass. Great workout companion!

Mid - The mid can be slightly recessed as found in most of the Extra Bass series of Sony but there is a solution for those vocal lovers.

Personally I appreciate good and neutral vocal. By choosing the "Vocal" EQ in the Headphone Connect app, the vocal is elevated and this gives a more balanced sound signature. The vocal is smooth for female and energetic for male. A plus point as a vocal lover!

Well extended with sufficient decay time. It is not sparkling high - enjoyable. No worries, the treble will not cause a fatigue in you, but the workout does!

Headphone Connect by Sony

The main screen show you the working codec, on/off for noise cancellation and ambient sound (nearly forgot this feature!). The noise cancellation for this earbuds is minimal but sufficient. It is unfair to compare it with other bigger earphones like WH-1000XM3 or QC 35II. It cuts off most of the external noise while providing sufficient allowance for safety purposes. So, run under a safe environment.

You can check the software version in this app and there will be software update from Sony too. The earbuds can be updated using this app. Cool right?

Let's go back to the topic and ask should you spend the money? I would say it is subjective. If you want a earbuds that can produce sound when you are working out and SQ is not a concern, go for those on AliExpress. Else, if you appreciate good music during workout, you could give it a try. I gave it 4 stars because I think low latency for videos and gaming is an essential criteria to achieve but unfortunately Sony traded it off.