Sony Over the Ear Earbuds

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  1. jackgopack4
    "Great design, decent sound"
    Pros - Good tip and clip options, nice case, deep bass
    Cons - Overemphasized bass, lacking in midrange
    These in-ear clip-style earphones are great for working out. They have decent sound, but like many consumer-oriented 'buds, over-emphasize the bass at the sake of the mids. Trebles are pretty good. I use these headphones out and about, and exercising as the clips are really handy for keeping on. However, since the clips are replaceable and removable, one can use them as regular IEMs as well.
    The stock tips came small, medium, and large, and I didn't have too much trouble with them. However, I went ahead and popped on a pair of comply foam tips, and they both isolated and fit much better. The case that winds up the cord is super handy, as well.
    If you're looking for an active pair of earbuds, and not looking to spend too much, these aren't a bad choice.